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    Galaxy Note 7 recall - will it affect Samsung prospects?

    A company known for its flagships, Samsung has suddenly in the face of a crisis. A result of over confidence or a technical error, the recall of Galaxy Note 7 for the battery issues has dented the respect Samsung has been claiming. The Note 7 was launched amidst much fanfare and received huge rare reviews. It was treated the flagship of the year - to the extent of it being claimed to pip the Apple fan base.
    But with the recall it has become synonymous with something notorious - danger! Will it be a cause for brand blemish for Samsung? A company whose flagship launches were closely followed by the biggies like Apple and LG has been under scrutiny now.

    What do our techies think about this bad timing that the World's largest smartphone maker has been made to suffer? Will it dent Samsung's profits, or will the Korean maker be able to tide through it?
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    It is serious in other countries that the phone are not even being allowed at the workplace. At first the phone were only limited from restriction in the airport and transit. But now even the workplace and other places are not allowing the phone.

    I am guessing that at this rate maybe Samsung will be forced for country specific testing standards. US is being very cautious with the way SAR value violations are being done. And though not all of the countries being serious. But if the Samsung or any country ships the bad products in another country, the issue may reflect in US based market as well. So they are forced to pass through even more harsh quality control.

    So maybe in future the samsung phone maybe expensive due to the loss they have gone through.

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