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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

    It seems the samsung's galaxy note 7 is in news because of the battery heat issue. The news of the battery explosions and the overheating leading to screen damage is coming up in the news. In US they have asked the consumers to shut down the device and return it to the manufacturer. It seems the users will be financially compensated over there for the bad product quality.

    I wonder why we don't have such consumer protection in India. We definitely need such type of laws and the protection when the products are sold like this. I am sure the shop keepers didn't got compensated by the manufacturers when maggi and the nokia battery issue was in news.

    Anyone here on techulator have the galaxy note 7? how do you plan on replacing the device?
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    The consumer protection has really been quite awesome in in the case of Galaxy Note 7 issues overseas. Even the airliners have banned carrying the phone on their flights. Even some Australian airliners have issued strict warnings against carrying those devices. The usage has been completely banned on its flights. FAA has warned against using and charging the Note 7.

    We may not see such strict actions taken in India. It is still a long way to go as far as such vigilance is observed in terms of protecting consumer rights.

    Live....and Let Live!

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