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    Regarding the announcements of Award Winners

    Just now the Awards for the month of August has been announced, But there are two articles still lying in the "new submission" queue which are dated 30th and 31st August. Till date I never thought about the fact whether the dates of first submissions or final re-submissions are the dates considered. But a few minuted back, I got clarified that its the first submission dates that get counted.
    So it is just a query whether it makes any difference in the announcements if all the articles of the said month aren't edited.
    I request the editors and other members not to take this as a complaint in any sense, but again another trial of mine to clarify my doubts about the rules of this site. As there isn't any other relevant category, I had to forcefully post under this "complaint" section. (This is rather more serious an issue).
    I want to know this, so that henceforth I can be careful with the dates and can organize my posts in a better way.
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    If your 2 articles would have made a difference to the final winner then the announcement could have waited. However, there is a difference of a little less than 1000 points between the MOM winner and you.
    So it was quite safe to announce the MOM without waiting for the approval of your articles.

    Edit: I looked at the earlier month MOM by mistake. Have asked Hafeez to respond.

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    No, I was not asking about the MOM award at all. Because I know that I am not even close to that award and also because that award has not been announced yet either.
    I was asking rather just the other way round. My name got included in the Article Section Winner, without both of my articles been edited. I was surprised because I thought I haven't submitted that many articles, that I could win without those two.
    That's where I got confused thinking whether my name was included by mistake. If not, then I wanted to know what is the procedure, that works behind selecting the winners.

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    I guess Anwesha has a valid point in there. The query is not about MOM award for August(By the way, the MOM is yet to be announced, only super contributor awards have been announced for the month). If two of her articles are yet to be reviewed, the Super contributor award for Articles should have been put on hold. She has been adjudged the super contributor no. 3. If her articles from the period are approved, she is likely to be the contributor no. 2.

    Finally, it is the decision that rests with web masters, but I would wish to state that she made a good point in there.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks for the reporting Anwesha and sorry for the delay in replying.

    Yes, MOM was not announced yet but the Super contributor for Article section (Aug 2016) announced with calculating the date till 30th Aug 2016 (assuming month over) whereas I had to cross check them again with team (after query from Webmaster and this thread) for 31st Aug 2016 review and its status.

    It was reviewed till the end of the month and updated (revised) the announcement two days back at

    The cash credit updated accordingly.

    Thanks for the patience.

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