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    Tech magazine anyone buy paper copy anymore?

    I remember earlier I used to buy paper copy of the magazine "Digit". Now that magazine have become "Think digit". And also they have stopped giving out CDs like they used to in past. Now they do release DVD version and also the price of the magazine has gone higher. With more sites going for online subscription and internet speed increasing in small cities. I am starting to think that not many people are buying the magazines like they used to in the past. Earlier such magazines were source of software update and random good apps. But now internet is cheaper. So I am guessing the demand for such magazine is low now. Though I still think there are parts in india where there is going to be a demand for such.

    Do you think anyone buys such magazines anymore? Or most of the people consume free or paid subscription online?
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    I think the older generation is still a fan of books and paper magazines. Even the big institutions do subscribe for hard copies for easy reference.
    I know a few families who are still continuing with magazines like Chip and Computer World, Digit etc.
    The libraries have to continue with the subscription to such magazines, and there are some big retail stores of gadgets who do keep such magazines to entertain their customers. Even few banks keep such magazines on their lounge tables.
    But I think for the current generation, e copies are mostly been accessed and subscribed.

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    Even I would agree to the fact that books have been replaced by their digital counterparts. Most of us prefer reading our favourite articles and topics on the web version rather than relying on the hard copies.

    But, believe me, I miss the feeling that you would be having in waiting for the latest issue of your magazine to arrive at the news stand. The fresh aroma of the newly printed pages and pleasure associated in browsing through the pages faster earmarking the articles to be read at your leisure. All that is truly missing - maybe that is the price you need to pay for being technologically advanced.

    Live....and Let Live!

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