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    If you had no smartphones, what would have you opted for?

    Well, that would be a hypothetical question. But the fact remains that smartphones have replaced many of the gadgets we used to carry on our person during the days gone by. Just around 10 or 12 years ago, we used to have walkman( or music players), digital cameras, laptops, watch and what not in our baggage whenever we went on a trip. Not anymore - smartphone has become the all in one device.

    Now, suppose, just for the sake of discussion, if there were no smartphones - what would you have opted for? I would welcome our techians to share their favourite gadgets - in the absence of smartphones. Also please share your reasons for the same.
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    I'll continue to buy laptop despite tablets and smartphones. So that part didn't changed at all. Walkman and radio sticks on the other hand would be something I'd buy in absence of smartphone. Also the DSLR cameras are harder to replace even with smartphones and tablets camera lenses. The reason being camera is dedicated device. And there are things like tripod and the zoom and better focus is something camera phones can't replace at all.

    One interesting thing that would happen though, is that old black and white display phones will continue to thrive. And even to date they still do with companies such as Micromax and Nokia. If we look at the bag while going on a trip, that would surely make a lot of items in that case. it's indeed true how many devices phone has tried to replace and succeeded.

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    That is a wonderful topic Timmappa. You just spoke my mind. Really speaking I am not at all happy with the smartphones. I wouldn't have missed them at all. Life would have been so much "Fun" without these "attention seeking" gadget. People would have behaved their usual ways, and the phones would have served us instead of us caring for them throughout the day.

    I would have just stuck to my old cellphone, which I miss so much. Everything was there in the earlier phone, internet, camera, document editing and social media too. Its only because of the recent apps which do not have a version ready for the earlier phones, that I had to switch to smartphones.
    The earlier phones were sturdy, good looking, easy to handle, no unintended activity because of "touch by mistake" used to take place.
    Those phones could be picked up and used even without looking at them. While travelling, in the bus, or in a crowded place, it was easy to take them out, take the call and keep them back.
    Maintaining the phones were easy too. I have dropped my earlier phone thousand times and nothing happened. Usually the batteries were also replaceable, so worries were less, utility were more, they were a value for money handsets. And I was as comfortable with them as with my pet.
    So I would have continued with my earlier phone, a dedicated camera and my laptop, which anyway I am continuing even with the presence of my smartphone.

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