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    Self Introduction of Freelance Content Writer for an IT Organization based at Noida

    Hi, I am K. V. Krishnamurthy, a new entrant as a content writer to your organization. I hold a Bachelors degree in Science and a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, I worked nearly for 20 years in a Public Sector organization of repute. I have a professional experience in the area of fabrication and erection of structural steel. After retirement in the year 1997, I am engaged in writing articles. I am 72 years now and still write articles for an IT organization based at Noida, UP.
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    Hi Krishnamurthy Sir,

    Welcome to Techulator. It's good to see a new content writer on the website. Your experience in multiple writing projects and in general would be really good for the young users like us. Do post your views on the forum topics and the ask experts section. Also if you wish to share your expertise or the review, then article section is a good choice too.

    Techulator rewards writers to contribute into forum, ask experts and articles section. So you may want to read the guidelines and rules for contributing to the section. You can read about the guidelines and rules for most sections on this help page :

    Depending on the quality and the word count, your article will be graded and you get rewarded. You can check your reward revenue from the dashboard here:

    Each month the site also rewards based on the contribution to the website. That is also visible on the dashboard linked above.

    That being said, again welcome to the techulator. And I hope you enjoy your time here among some of us. Stay active and keep contributing.


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    Welcome Mr. Krishnamurthy to Techulator. Your experience will definitely be helpful for us and the visitors to the site alike.

    To begin with, please note that this is not an organisation that would pay you a fixed monthly salary. It is a community based technology website that works on a revenue share principle. You can contribute to the site in various ways. To begin with, you can answer the questions being asked in the Ask Experts section. You will be given cash credits depending upon the quality and relevance of your responses.

    You can write articles based on your experience on topics that are relevant to this site. On approval of your articles, you will be assigned cash credits again based on the quality. There are other sections like Product Submissions ( for which you need a special permission from the webmasters) and forum.

    Be assured that Techulator pays good cash credits for the quality contribution. Your earnings will solely depend on the hard work you put in and consistency you show with respect to your posts. Let me take my own example - I have very little knowledge in SEO and related topics. It was only with Techulator that I forayed into the concept of content writing. Now, after a one and half year association with the site, I have earned over Rs. 50000 and been a member with Rank 1. I am not boasting of myself, but the point I would like to make is that if you work hard - knowing your limits - there is no reason why you cannot earn a handsome secondary income.

    Welcome and happy stay on Techulator.

    Live....and Let Live!

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