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    Progress of Freedom 251?

    It was speculated that Freedom 251 would be in hands of many people by the July end. However it seems it's mid August and there are no deliveries for the product. Not much of reviews and the box open videos as of yet. I am guessing only the media and the reviewers who got the package have reviewed it.

    I wonder how to find out if the people have got their products? Considering the price is low and the stock being limited, it is going to be batch shipped. It's just that the company is not keeping up with the deadlines it seems. I have checked youtube and learned that 7 crore people registered so far but only 70K got the phone.

    It seems the phone is still being distributed under the batch shipped random lucky draw. Have any of the techulator members registered their phone and got it?
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    Nothing has been clear from the manufacturers so far. They seem to be fond of releasing press statements alone. I strongly doubt the possibility of the phone being delivered anytime soon.

    A recent statement from Ringing Bells said that they have delivered 50000 units back in July, 2016. There has been no concrete proof available to confirm the authenticity of the same. Mohit Goel is now on the launch pad of his affordable LCD TV. I do not see any truth in the statements being made by the company.

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    Some of the YouTube reviewers have echoed the similar views. However one of the video reported that there were total 70K distributions made as per company. I think that claim too must need to be verified. Or perhaps the phone is distributed to the rural areas and for that reason not being verified for exact numbers. I missed that LED/LCD tv project announcement from them. Have to check that out.

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    The first batch of 5000 phones have been stated to have been dispatched in July first week. That is what the statement given by Mohit Goel to PTI states. It had been said that once the delivery kicks off, manufacture of the next batch of 2 lakh phones would be taken ahead.

    After that announcement in July, there has been no fresh announcements made by the company. Maybe we need to wait till the official announcement.

    By the way, is there any way to contact Ringing Bells directly?

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