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    Happy Independence Day to all Indians - Share your wishes here!

    Hi Techians,

    India is celebrating the 70th Independence today. Let us make use of this opportunity to wish a very happy independence day to all our fellow Indians.

    We being a technology based site, would wish to analyse the developments in the sphere of technology that has happened in India in the past 70 years. What do you think about the development so far? What has been achieved and what has been missed in comparison to the world at large?

    On the occasion of this 70th Independence day, let us take a pledge to make India a technology driven nation that strives to make the life easier for the 100 crore citizens of India.
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    Happy Independence to you and all the techulator India users.

    I am not keeping tab on what happened in last 60 years. But last 10 years since 2006 onwards, India has developed a lot. And it has reached many lengths and grown a lot in terms of tech and culture around it. In last 10 years we have managed to pay the bills, book tickets, buy stuff online and start purely online business. This is something only america had chance to achieve in 90s and early 2000s.

    It's good to see that India is just few steps away from countries such as US, China and others. A lot of interesting progress is being done on education front too. And people are using tech on education and other places casually. I think even to date we have managed to keep the culture alive so that is a good thing. Because with tech and change in lifestyle usually culture gets destroyed eventually. Instead tech in india has helped culture too.

    Hoping good things to happen to this nation and cheers towards journey to 100th year of independence.

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