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    Stripe Payment Gateway Coming soon in India

    I was checking paypal alternatives and came across company named Stripe. This company has managed to attract startups around the world. Many business are leaving paypal and others and using stripe instead. The reason is obvious - they work with small business on fraud and other cases. In contrary to paypal that just closes accounts of people if there are disputes with clients.

    They are yet to completely start in india as they have just made few hires so far. So I am guessing by the mid of 2017 or after the company will be active here. So thats a lot of time in between for them to go through RBI guidelines and to offer payment gateway to local business.

    I wonder how much this is going to help indian business to get offshore clients and to make money from clients around the world. Do you think paypal monopoly will finally stop with stripe in india?
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    Stripe has been understood to be investing in learning the Indian psyche and the regulatory structure here in India. They are believed to hired an ex Amazon executive to design a product that is in tune with the Indian market.
    There are no concrete plans put out as of now. But, Stripe has been indicating the importance of Indian market. The current trend of financial inclusion carried forward by the present government and the booming e commerce space has been instrumental in drawing the attention of Stripe and such companies to India.

    The exact date or time frame for the launch of a Stripe product in India has not yet been finalised. However, we may see the entry quite soon.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    RBI guidelines and the local policies execution may be one issue. Hopefully they find out middle way out of everything for local business. The reason being any alternative of paypal can be good if they offer ACH bank transfer payments. Paypal has done too much damage to online business with their monopoly. Something like stripe would be heaven sent alternative in such case.

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