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    What made Yahoo sell out?

    Yahoo has been sold out for $4.8 billion. A one time software giant has lost it out the mighty Google as it would appear. But, what exactly are the reasons for the sell out?
    We know Yahoo has been one of the powerful firms in the context of software companies. It was even on the verge of buying out google not so long ago. How did it reach so low?

    I would welcome the techians to share their views on the most hot topic of recent times in the tech circles.
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    Yahoo was under the pressure for revenue generation. Last 4 years they have purchased random startups without earning any money at all. This has led to them going under revenue. None of the startup purchased by Yahoo! ended up working for them.Instead most of them were shut down. If you check the portfolio of Yahoo! acquisition, you'd find that they could have beat Google with such wide range of tech skilled companies. But they instead just collected patents out of them and shut the companies.

    This in return won't be benefiting much to Yahoo!. I think this is one reason whoever currently being CEO of the Yahoo corp needs to step down. And they need to work on paid business. The free offering are killing most of the web companies. And yahoo had lot of free offers and services which needs to be shut down in order for them to survive here onwards.

    I am guessing they getting sold out would not be a good sign to any company that is working on freemium model of business. This is a sign that future is going to be with paid services and rightfully so.

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    Yahoo, in my view has missed out a lot of opportunities in the past. It can be worthwhile to remember that it was on the verge of buying out Google not so long ago. Had that happened, it would have changed the face of Google as it stands today.
    Live....and Let Live!

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