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    What is the future of online source to earn?

    There are many usage of online platforms like online business, online sales and marketing, online tutorial etc and different revenue models too. The online sources (like internet, computer devices and various platforms) are rapidly growing because of it is usage by many Banking, Financial institutions, Educational institutions, small to large companies, top organizations and on as a big list.

    There are few platforms like blogging and its related project to earn online though online revenue is not guaranteed for a long term compare to offline. Thus, there are couple of question arises like what is the future of online sources? What is the future of online revenue model? How about its using industries etc.? Kindly through some light on this.
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    Lot of improvements in IT field has opened up more options to earn online. I think all we need is an opportunity these days from people.

    Based on how the adblockers are performing and how actively people are using I am a bit worried on adsense or affiliate earning fron. I think blogging and writing would not be a suitable mode of online source to earn if you think long term. Though one can get into content writing for other sites. But the sites which depends on the monetization methods such as adsense would not be having much revenue for long term with current scenario developing. This change however will take some time and for that we have to be prepared. I guess the same issue may occur for the youtube as well. So I am guessing making the video content paid would be another business model for most of the established brands. Giving out content for free and monetizing with the ad networks such adsense is not the way to go from here onwards.

    I am taking up some new skills so that I can branch out of this possible scenario. And hoping that in future I'd be in much better position rather than depending on SEO and market changes to worry about earning online. So far I have found some of the options such as consulting, fiction writing and few other tech gigs as a way to branch out. Though none of the sources of online income are 100% perfect for long term. It's sometimes good to stabilize the earning to avoid regular fluctuations.

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    I think it's gonna boost like anything. Let's think about one of the project of our PM Mr. Modi, DIGITAL INDIA. The name itself explains a lot. It will definitely have great impacts on internet and technology so comes the online earnings. Indeed, whoever is involve in any sort of online stuff or earnings their earnings is proportional to their learning. People learns so they will earn. To earn is the aim of most of the human beings. Just look back few decades earlier there wasn't such things like Mobile Apps, Online Business, E-commerce and many more. Now people makes millions out of it.
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    Thanks for your valuable input, yes, there are pros and cons on this area too. In general, most of the online business and its some of the portion transferred or converted from offline. For example, banking and financial institution though they useds the gadgets and net still virtual reality is not the effective.

    Let's say, there was 'typewriting' gadget and each cost was around 75k at that time and lower model was around 50k, the reliable was there but cost was high. Now, computer or laptop one can get for around 20k with advanced features than just few decades ago comparison for typewriting device.

    Whatsoever, if you recall those tech gadgets and sources of the past, yes, definitely we have to advance ourselves or else the computer and net might be as same as typewriting device. I mean, that time Digital India might be outdated one :)


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    Well, online earning still has a lot to offer. The only issue is the connectivity which is not available everywhere. Maybe a day will come where the concept of connectivity is gone. I am looking forward to <'Internet Everywhere" concept and when that becomes a reality, we may be able to see the companies indulging in newer types of advertising. As some experts have been claiming, the non digital advertising may die a slow death.
    The social profiling is set evolve into much bigger way than we have been seeing it now. As the previous responses have rightly stated, we may not be able to predict it exactly. However, we may need to be prepared.
    You cannot depend solely on the ads revenue for the sustenance. You will really need to try for other avenues as well.

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    Yeah, I agree that writer or blogger can't solely depend on Ads revenue for a long term as the source or source of revenue model can be changed from good to bad or bad to good or possibly time to time up's and down's in this area.

    Yes, again agreeing on connectivity, it means not only net connectivity, talented profession reaching at required and right place to fill and execute the task successfully. Machine or tools can do many fast things (by operating it) and replace or reduce the manpower but it can not similarly work like 'human intelligence' (and researching too) at right place at right time. So, again human intelligence needed for development or to overcome from lose.


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    Well, nowadays automation circulates all over the industry. This causes human works and made a way to machine. I can surely tell you that future is depend on online business only. Online business can turn the world in two ways indicating before automation and after automation. Before automation, more number of human resources has participated in many works. After automation, human works were reduced and make a way for machinery. For example, in ecommerce platform automation plays important role in order to make ease of works. Human power has been reduced in order to increase the automation. So future depends on online and earnings are possible if you admit yourself in the current technologies.

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    These days, Youtube is gaining a lot of popularity in India as more and more people get internet access. So, setting up a Youtube channel about something you are interested in and that has a potential for profit would be a great option. You can try freelancing. It can be a good source of income if you have some skills that are required in the market.
    Creating mobile apps has a lot of potential for making money as more and more people are getting smartphones. I think ad blocking software would not pose much harm for ad revenue as websites are now using tech that detect ad blockers and ask users to disable them before allowing them to view the content.

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