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    Status of the resource Pending for no valid reason.

    I would like to bring this issue to the notice of the editors and the webmasters that my recent article 'Some Amazing Facts- The Upcoming Note 7' has been pending. The reason given by the editor states 'The status of this resource is Pending and require some modification by the author. Reason: If you are writing about Note 7, then this statement is wrong "People love the Note Series and the last edition in the series the Note 5" - it should be Note 6, the last edition'.
    As far as I know there was never an official release of Note 6 from Samsung. The last model in the note line-up was the Note 5 and Samsung skipped the Note 6 entirely and are opting to release the Note 7 directly according to the information I have got. You can even check this link of a question on Quora:
    So, I request the editors to check this and revoke the pending status of my article. And there is a humble request to the respected editor to at least do a normal research on the subject on which he/she is editing so that he/she at least gets a minimum knowledge about it. We, the writers are not just writing anything which came directly into our minds. We too are doing extensive research and then only we are opting to write something. So, there is a humble request to take this matter seriously.
    Thanking you.
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    Sorry to know the article being sent to pending status. Let me bring it to the attention of the team. Till you receive a proper explanation from the editor concerned, or the webmasters - please stay calm.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks for the info Sunoj, if you could have mentioned it in the article, a line like "skipping Note 6 Samsung has launced..." that would have been a value addition for both the readers and would have helped avoid this.

    As it is, we have to edit a good number of articles monthly so it is not possible for us to do a "normal" research for everything. I am myself a tech blogger since long but it is not possible to have a over all knowledge about each subject matter within the Technology domain. I just go through the article, line by line which itself takes good time, and only if necessary send the articles to pending. Most of the edits I do are not even noticeable unless you do a thorough comparison.

    I do use search to check for plagiarism and for checking if the images used are within our usage guidelines. I probably have edited all your articles till that you have posted on TEC and I am sure you are a good author but slips happen and I thought it happened from your side this time.

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    I am happy that the editors concerned have taken the matter seriously and have done the needful. I know that an editor has a lot of work to do while doing his/her job and everyone gives their 100 % for their work. It is not easy to check every single word line by line, I humbly accept that I too had a slip while writing the article, but by the same note I would like to request the editing team to be a little bit more cautious on their part too while going through their job. I have always enjoyed writing and Techulator has been a great platform for me.

    I am hoping to contribute in the future as much as I can. Once again I would like to personally thank the editor concerned for taking the matter seriously. I respect your work in the same manner as I love my work, Once again thanking for your quick response.

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