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    No Traffic and no revenue

    Are you facing challenges on traffic to your posts? Low traffic or no traffic? No or poor AdSense revenue these days compare to earlier days? Is it same for all?

    Member can discuss on this and give some suggestion to improve on this.
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    Though I do not have AdSense enabled except for the last couple of days, it appears as if there is a slack in the traffic generated. It may be necessary to identify the reasons for the downward trend.
    My suggestion would be to bring the old members who were found to be much prolific. It could be a good idea to welcome them back to the site. A technology site needs continuous updation in terms of content. Moreover, I would request more stringent moderation to do away with the kind of content that could be detrimental to the site prospects.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I didn't noticed any changes in traffic but more on revenue side. Most of the issues I am facing lately is the adblocker on some of my tech niche blogs. I am guessing the same issue may come on other sites like this as some of the browsers are offering built in adblockers. I just checked last version of opera is shipping with the adblocker. And this is going to reduce the amount of revenue generated.

    For most of the part I found the traffic on the techulator and other site is pretty consistent. I didn't noticed any change as such. But there is definitely a revenue drop from adsense and some of the other ad networks. I am thinking that apart from manual affiliate linking inside the post, other ad formats are getting heavily suppressed due to the adblocker.

    I just hope that there comes solution to the adblock problems.

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    Thanks to both for different points given.

    Timmappa, you are talking about the site traffic as well other than your personal one. Great.

    Mahesh, thanks for in-depth detail on this, specially traffic not affected but revenue. The second point you have given is very important, yes, AdBlocker issue too on this.

    How about Smartphone users globally who doesn't much use (clicking on) Ads from their device?


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    No traffic no revenue is logical but these days, yes traffic no revenue is like hammering on the head of publishers. The main reason behind this is, increased number of ad-blockers. People like the browsers which supports ad-blocking and thus such browsers takings advantage and increase their marketing. We can't blame only users / visitors but also publishers who use plenty of ads on their site which makes site more trouble to users. So they have started thinking of blocking ads.

    @Hafeez, yes smartphone users rarely click on ads and thus Google has jumped to show page-level ads on mobile which also irritates users when they are reading something. So far, only ads on YouTube are normal and CTR is generated normal as before.

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