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    Infolinks Performing for anyone?

    I wanted to write article on this but I have realized that the amount of negatives being too high, it doesn't even deserve that much. I have made some of my observation about this advertising program over the few years. I have noticed that this type of ads just don't work on some type of sites. Also the revenue of adsense goes down when we use such type of ads.

    First off, the amount of people ignoring such ads is one chance. Another such ads are too irritating to begin with. Nobody wants the hover ads. And the next the lack of good advertisers within those links. Why would anyone click such ads is beyond me. Lot of advertisers are totally misplaced on random blogs. For example health blog may have some domain ad or dictionary ad.I don't see how that is going to help the revenue.

    I am still skeptical how other sites are making use of this type of in-link ads. I have doubts that it is performing any well for them to begin with.

    What are your observation with this advertising program? Is it just me who is having such experience or other webmasters and bloggers have noticed low revenue with infolinks?
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    I am in total agreement with you Mahesh. Even I feel it is of no worth even visiting the site to check my balance. But since I have an account and it has collected a mocking amount, I am in a fix, whether I should terminate and sign off from the site.
    Its good to know that people are having the same negative thoughts about this program. That is working for me to take a "positively negative" decision on this.

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    There was another program named kontera. They had similar ad display technology. And for some reason they too have gone down in revenue. And then eventually one day they vanished from the interweb. Now you don't see kontera anywhere online. Even their domain is up for sale. So I am guessing such intrusive ads don't have much future from here onwards.

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    The thing that goes against Infolinks is the nature of intrusive ads that they have. Readers are never in favour of those ads that make their reading a bit confusing.

    I have an Infolinks account that has been integrated with Techulator, ISC and even on my blog. It has not even reached the minimum payout level even after almost one and a half year. That indeed should talk about its negativity.

    I am not going to sign off from the service though. Let it stay there. But, is it true that having an Infolinks ad reduces your AdSense revenue?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Kontera was bought by Amobee ( When they migrated they still had some of my amount with them (around $60) which they never paid up.

    Infolink does perform but only when you have US or European traffic. I have got some payouts from Infolinks generating around $2-$3 daily but after that my traffic went down and now I don't make anything from them. Sometime back they probably reviewed my account and for some reason blocked my ad serving on Techulator and ISC though it still works for my own blogs. This was before we brought out the rule of limited in-text ads to 5.

    If you keep around 4-5 in-text ads you should be fine in terms of visitor comfort and it should not affect your AdSense revenue but too much of such ads can obviously lead your visitors to go away irritated.

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    I remember my account was active during Hubpages days. During that time I used to get few cents but it was one of the hated affiliate program on Hubpages too. Not many people reached Kontera payout on hubpages and other known properties like helium (not defunct). I am guessing amobee has yet to have popular publishers vouching for them.

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    You should have lakhs of visitors per day if you want to earn decent amount from Infolinks. And yes, it also affects the adsense in someway. Suppose consider that 10 clicks are generated from Infolink ads, then it is sure that they are diverted clicks from adsense. Compare the revenue of those clicks with adsense. It is almost zero. If not, then those clicks would have been on adsense units and thus you can improve your adsense earnings better.

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    It has been proved time and again that Infolinks needs you to have better traffic from US and UK to get good revenue. It does not offer you revenue worth considering if your traffic comes from Indian visitors.
    However, there are some suggestions from the experts -

    1. The InTags ads increase your CTR. They add informational tags to your site content.

    2. Opt for InFold ads to get better earnings.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Even with US and UK based visitors the revenue from Infolinks is sub par. Earning even 1$ is hard with those ad types. Some of the popular sites such as ehow, hubpages, helium ran the experiment in the past and removed kotera, infolinks, chitika from their ad spaces. Now hardly any serious website uses them. Mostly website which have auto generated content will have such type of ads there. I really doubt about revenue of inlinks being any way reasonable to sustain a site in any type of traffic. Even viglinks and skimlinks with similar ad structure has lower ROI.

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    I got only one $50 in five years (2010-14) of association with them. I am not sure whether it is my mistake to use it effectively or somewhere lack on CPC or conversion etc. In this five years, I received few times AdSense check, long back. Now hard to get even AdSense EFT :)

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    Nowadays, people use ad blockers. Popular browsers like UC, opera have inbuilt ad blockers. Whichever ad network you use, you are going to face low ROI and income.

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