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    Focusing on Building An Online Empire of Niche Sites Under Techulator

    Hello Techulator family,
    First of all, kudos to the members who have been contributing consistently on this amazing platform. I feel we have a highly talented bunch of writers whose talent can be utilized further
    to achieve significant success for the Techulator site, as well as for each of them individually. What I mean to say is that if we are provided good guidance and couple of mentors, this team can create an online empire of niche sites
    under the ISC and Techulator banner. The points that I have in my mind are:

    1. Identifying few successful bloggers from our members and making them as mentors for guidance to everyone. More importantly, they can be made to come forward and share their
    experiences in detail (may be in the form of forum discussions or articles) so that others can learn.

    2. Having 2-3 successful bloggers from the outside world who have made a fortune from niche and micro niche sites, to have at least one guest post published on Techulator. May be we can
    even run a series of interviews with such bloggers, so that members can get some useful queries answered.

    3. From the knowledge gained via the the above two points, we can have couple of guidelines templates to follow for preparing micro niche sites. The reason why I stress on micro niche
    sites is that they do not require 100 of articles to rank higher. If you get hold of a good keyword and niche area, you can even get your site ranked high with just 20-25 articles. This would help
    to diversify and get many different types of sites ready for generating revenue.

    4. And we can focus on using different mediums to generate revenue. For example, have one Adsense niche site (like Kikloginonline), one Amazon affiliate based site (like lasergolfrangefinder), one long-term niche site using other affiliates like Skimlink and Vigilink, and so on.

    5. And once a niche site is ready, we can write a detailed case study article about the same on Techulator. Also, for every micro niche, we can have a generic article posted on Techulator. That way, even this portal will get quality content which can prove useful to
    budding bloggers and content writers.

    6. The objective is to keep expanding and make best use of available resources. The tasks can be divided, like we can have 2-3 experts who focus on finding the low competition keywords and niche areas. Other set of members can focus on writing the articles. And another set of members can focus on SEO, indexing and submission of blogs to different directories, forums, etc.

    7. Another great benefit from this activity can be that we will have a team that is able to identify low competition keywords or high CPC keywords. We can even use such keywords to run article contests based on them, that will benefit Techulator as well.

    Let me know if the above idea seems feasible to implement on the Techulator platform.
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    I am definitely interested in this Bhakti. There is lot to learn about authority and niche site building and that I can make use of and share from my past experience too. I kind of lost my interest in niche sites after 2010-2013's consistent google updates. I lost few sites in that. So I need to brush up a lot of my niche site knowledge too on that end. I'd like to know what works and what has completely stopped working. So that is something I wish to know as well.

    Keyword research is something I too have struggled in the past. I found a lot of keywords that I didn't used end up making some money. Also my "customer intent" approach needs to be tweaked too. So I am up for anyone discussing that here or outside. I have seen a lot of users getting back at building niche site and authority site empire. So that is something got my attention too.

    I think such group forming can be mutually beneficial for each other. I would love to see if we can form Facebook group and discuss on this. That way we can benefit as well. I am suggesting this because it'd definitely give us more freedom on what to talk without any restriction from the platform itself.

    If you wish to proceed with this idea, count me in.

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    I would definitely like to be a part of such an endeavour if brought into action. That would help many budding bloggers and build a career of their own.
    Though I am not an expert in SEO and the related stuff, the approach you would help me get hold of those essential techniques. As for keywords, I am at loss while choosing them properly most of the times.

    If any development comes up in this regard, I am up for being part of it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hi Mahesh and Timmappa,
    Thanks for such an encouraging response. Even I have been studying a lot about the niche sites, attended a few webinars, and so. I have prepared a great template to follow on the basis of which we can build an empire of niche sites.

    However, I know it cannot be done alone, and needs good teamwork. Hence, I have approached this platform. Let's see if we can get more brains for this purpose.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Maybe we will need to wait for the proper guidance and approval ( if it is feasible) by the team. I hope Tony sir notices this thread and comes up with his ideas on the possibility of such an endeavour.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hi Timmappa,
    Yes, actually the whole purpose is to benefit us as well as this platform. It is difficult to get user engagement on Techulator, which is evident by the low participation by different members on the Forums section of this site, as compared to something like ISC.

    And Techulator has been the same for years now. So, perhaps, it is time to add some new stuff that can take this site to another level and also give its members a chance to grow, learn and earn significantly.

    Hope Tony sir get to read this message and provide his valuable inputs about the same. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Hi everyone,

    My view regarding this is, I see most of the members are not full-time into the online world. Most of the members including me are either students or job holders who are squeezing time to contribute to techulator site.

    When it comes to niche site then we need to work hard it initial months, so at the time we need to give more time to that niche site than techulator that subsequently will reduce the contribution of members towards techulator. Niche sites are not that easy to rank, it takes a lot of time & hard work and also patience. With my experience, I think this would not work.

    Don't take me in the wrong way, those are just my views. Count me too am interested in this.

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    Hi Pranay,
    I understand what you are trying to say. However, the main objective behind having a team to work on micro niche sites is that there won't be a single person doing all the work. And for some micro niche sites, the number of articles required is maximum 20. The other activities to rank the site just need regular promotion, guest posts, backlinking, etc. which would take just few hours every week from couple of individuals.

    And the real idea is to benefit this platform as well, since I have stated enough ways this project can help Techulator. As of now, everyone is struggling hard to make money through Techulator, other than the cash credits that we get for articles and Ask Experts. I am not sure if anyone is earning significantly high via affiliates or Adsense on the Techulator platform. So, the project will help even individuals to understand how to earn more from quality work and increase traffic to Techulator and the niche sites.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    Hi Bhakti,
    Thanks for this wonderful idea, which I think would be really beneficial to everyone, whoever is connected with Techulator.
    Sometimes it does happen that we don't get much idea of topics on which we should write and if the same will fetch a decent amount of traffic into the site. Then there are even other factors to discuss about, including the style of writing, incorporating the SEO features in the write ups and so on.
    Moreover I think each writer has his/her own field of interest. And such a group based on niche will make the tasks easier for everyone as each of us will write on our favourite topic.

    I would eagerly wait to participate. Hope your suggestion materializes soon.
    All the best.

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    Thanks all for showing interest in the idea. However, I do not see the webmaster or Tony sir replying to this post. Can we wait for their valuable response?
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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