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    How do these sites are not penalised for copied content?

    While going through the internet for researching for one of my articles for a third party client, I observed a unique phenomenon. When I did input my search query, I got a few results in the search results.
    What astonished me was the fact 2 or 3 of them (maybe more in further pages of search results), had the same content. They were identical in all respects. A sort of word to word similarity was seen.
    Don't these sites attract penalty from Google for copied content? Interestingly they appeared on the first page of search results.
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    No idea when the Search engine will catch them out but there are usual process on these which takes time to do so. The first one is, search engine like Google algorithm crawls the content based on the website status or content status, store them if they are genuine one or ignore if replica (except content changes here and there - like you stated and new one) and store them to index on search for a while (when we see such duplicate with changes content on search result for a while) until and unless the second process of manual cross verification done by the search engine team to completely eradicate it and add that blog or website with negative rank.

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    There is no rule against duplicating a content at multiple places. If you check the content of newspaper sites you will find that most of the content is either copied or has been copied by others.
    In short, copying of content itself is not a sin. Issue comes when you are copying the content without permission and the copyright owner complains about it.
    Another way you will be penalized is where you website contains just copied content and nothing original.
    If you are contributing something unique and qualitative without doing anything illegal, chances are you will be rewarded rather than penalized.

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    Content copying is only contested in case of two websites having google adsense. And also in context of DRM violation or copyright violation. Otherwise google SEO has no such rule for penalizing content copied from other sites. No Google SEO document released as of yet points to this rule.

    Google doesn't control the web. And not all the web requires google for their traffic. So content syndication websites don't care about Google SEO and other rules. And for this reason google never penalizes on the basis of the content syndication strategy of copying content from others. Besides with google news, they are doing the same themselves on their own platform. You can however take down content copied by others on the ground of copyright violation. Also ask google to take down the copy based on the cached version entry in their logs.

    Copying content is not wrong but if the website is totally created on the basis of copied content, then it adds no value. Also it can't be useful for the users and advertisers. For example making website based on wikipedia content won't be good enough for the users and advertisers won't benefit either.

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