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    Service centre attitude based on the phone you carry - isn't it a bit weird?

    Hi techians,

    I observed a strange thing a couple of days ago when I visited a mobile phone service centre - an authorised service centre I mean to say. The treatment meted out to a specific set of consumers made me post this thread here ( not sure whether the topic fits in properly here).

    Those consumers carrying flagship devices are always found to be given a differential treatment compared to the ones carrying a more of a regular or budget range device. I am not saying that the personnel were rude to those consumers, but the difference was quite obvious.

    Isn't it a little weird? Shouldn't the company treat all its consumers on a similar platform?

    Have you observed such pattern around you? Please share your views on such issues.
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    The authorized service centres are actually authorized places on Contract where personnel with training are employed to do the servicing work. They are not really representatives of the company. In case you feel something unfair is happening you can send a complain to the product company.

    Other than that I feel in most circumstances it is the natural human behaviour that comes into play. For flagship devices the cost of servicing will be more, means the share that the dealer will get will be more. This naturally makes them give a little more preference to their 'premium' customers. This probably can be a manufacturing company policy too to give their premium customers the best service.

    Anyhow, I feel a few words in humour can deal with most of such instances nicely. Authorized centres have their client's reputation to hold and will make sure to mend their ways if you point out their unethical ways.

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    No, that was not exactly the behaviour pointed at me. I myself have a premium device. But I observed this tendency when I went with one of my friends to an authorised service centre in my locality.

    I agree with your suggestion that a humorous approach will definitely turn the tables in your favour.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think that sort of the treatment was always there in India. Depending on the budget of the customer and the product purchased the service was offered. And often the customers were ignored on the basis of the money they spent. This can be seen in most of the other service industries too. I don't think this is uncommon. And you can find with most of the industries.

    One thing that works in such cases is going with some referrals. And then finding the referred person and then spending some time talking about the product definitely helps. Most likely this will give you better service when you know the people around. And they can even tell you few things frankly about the servicing of the product. I usually use this method and this has saved me from getting ignored by service center employees. Often it happens that most of the employees only pay attention if the customer is bigger. So I can't blame them it's in the air of this country to treat people based on that.

    Humor and reference can be a good way to solve such issue.

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