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    What are the reasons for pushing Windows 10 so aggressively?

    As has been seen as of now, Microsoft has been pushing the Windows 10 upgrade quite vigorously. It was much unforeseen from MS all through these years we have been using their products. What brings up this change?

    As the current figures stand, Windows 7 seems to be the most widely used version of Windows globally. It accounts for more than 50 percent of the total OS penetration ( including Mac, Chrome and other OSs), with Windows XP taking the second spot.

    Microsoft is likely planning to save on the costs associated with the technical support and update patches it needs to bear with each of the new versions of Windows. That is exactly what it means by One Windows. Windows 10 will in itself be the platform and keep receiving updates and there won;t be any new versions. So, everyone out there will be using ONE SINGLE OS and thus MS will not have to spend on support, updates and backward compatibility for the older versions.

    Good thinking, but are the users willing to comply? How do you think the things will shape up ultimately? Share your views here.
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    Microsoft is going through rough in terms of customer adoption. Lot of people migrating to Linux due to free software and simplicity over piracy. And rich people sticking with Apple. This has created divide for the Microsoft and it's harder for them to retain the consumers for long.

    This is one reason Microsoft is porting it's apps to Mac and Linux. For example they recently released the .NET to the linux and Mac officially under the name Dot Net Core. This core may be one reason you'd find cross platform apps that runs on all platforms. And the core is open sourced, so Microsoft is going to take Java on this battle. And may outperform java if the amount of apps increased using dot net core.

    Another reason is that lot of Microsoft's updates are coming up for Windows 10 specific. And by not forcing the customers, they are losing the revenue. So customers if stayed with Windows 7 is not good for them. And customers adopting Windows 8.1 is very less chance. So they have only option to force the upgrades.

    Many people are downgrading due to slow speed and incompatibility with drivers. But eventually all have to upgrade in a year or so.

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    Sure, the revenues are dwindling and that should be the exact reason for the forced upgrade.

    But, more of a possibility points towards Microsoft going the Apple way. They have been maintaining a single OS and providing updates to it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Microsoft Windows was hit with massive drop in their stocks due to their own invention Windows 7 and Windows XP.

    People chose to use Windows 7 and XP even after launch of Windows 8 because of their simplicity and great performance. Windows 8 was not a huge as previous versions due to which Microsoft faced loss of Millions of Dollars. After this serious issue thing which was left was Nokia smartphone and Microsoft Gaming for profit. As well all know, Nokia smartphone are not doing well in market and Microsoft Gaming doesn't make enough to run a big company such as Microsoft. To solve this issue they decided to fully focus on Windows just like 10 Years before. They developed Dot Net Core which helps to use Windows applications in Mac and Linux.

    As per Satya Nadela's last interview, Windows 10 will be the final version of Windows from Microsoft. Instead of that you will see regular updates in terms of performance and other stuff. Best part of this thing is that there will be less piracy because with every update Windows detects pirated Windows and de-activates it which forces user to buy the original serial key.

    There was a recent incident as well in which there were embedded Advertisements in Start Menu and Lock Screen whereas there are no official replies from Microsoft but still they are not leaving even single spot of earning money from their creation.

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    I have been getting a heavy dose of notifications and pop ups to upgrade. But being a non genuine user I do not want to upgrade.
    MS seems to be getting more aggressive with the deadline for free upgrade nearing.

    Live....and Let Live!

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