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    Social Media Culture with Technology

    I just noticed that a large percentage of politics and laws are now influenced by social media. Many politicians are now changing their statements after getting backlash from social media. Also people having low attention span for the opinion on the politicians views, are changing the culture. And in turn this has created it's own culture around internet users.

    For example few criminal incidents made laws to be changed. Few social incidents have changed the way people look at some group of people. LGBT groups getting their rights using social media. So it seems the real life culture is being over run by the social media. Creating it's own bubble too.

    To me it seems like social media and internet in general has people with extreme diverse set of opinions, than in real life. So it seems people are more expressive online. And this in turn affects the psychology of the people who use tech and who also face issues in real life.

    Do you feel social media has created it's own bubble culture that affects real life?
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    Well, I would not consider it a bubble of some sort. Instead, I welcome the changes. The backlash from the social media has been quite instrumental in making the people at helm responsible with their actions and comments.

    With the inherent nature of the social media being global, the protests reach quite a wider audience than in real life. It brings all sections of the society together against something that has been done with respect to a situation. The recent backlash that we could observe was to the brutal killing of a Pakistani model by her own brother,

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yellow journalism which is stemming from social media is one issue. And this can be really bad for the overall tech industry too. Because if people avoid being genuine for the sake of headlines. I think that may affect real life eventually.

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    Well, there is an issue with the so called Yellow journalism. But, it should not be forgotten that the social media also brings up awareness about things that need care or attention. It should be noted that a share button is worth more than the huge protest marches.

    The social media has made the ills in the society - be it political, environmental or otherwise are made visible. This increased visibility has been instrumental in making the power to change the society shift to masses from the hands of just a few leaders.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Issue with the yellow journalism is serious. I came across a lot of that recently. For example some of the JNU and Jadavpur university journalism students who are content writers on some websites have created some fake rape and molestation cases news. If you're aware of jasleen kaur news then you can relate. And this has affected many genuine cases too. And on social media this content manipulation affects a lof of genuine people. One more recent content manipulation thing happened with the wikipedia hackathon, where male inventors were replaced by female names. Again this is pure lobbying politics beinng played by some at WCD ministry. So keeping politics aside, the point is content if manipulated like this can affect future generations. Something needs to be addressed seriously by people in the government and normal people too.

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    Each and everyone has freedom of speech / expression rights and there is no issue in that except and possibly in some rare countries or some rare people on this topic. It all depend on their choice and social media usage / availability (it doesn't mean all using social medias everywhere). Some people uses social media effectively regardless of their background whether they are well-known party with good or criminal background. Some business uses it effectively to get mass popularity and ROI. Some individual uses it as an entertainment and some for their personal growth. It is all depend on their own choice again.

    There are few political parties who uses social media effectively to show their good things on time and divert their bad thing smartly by using so called Bhakths adding opponents weak point and criticism. The bhakts and trend plays important role on this too, yes, sometime some general social media users too either really or blindly follow / comment with them whether it is favor or against for themselves - doesn't matter. The outreach gives better result compare to offline effort and voice-out.

    Sometime paid media plays important role to manipulate the things and sometime individual put wrong info too (as above stated case). Sometime people come to know the media's playing un-favor role that put forth by a common user and sometime for individual cases too. However, once the time is passed then the case is over but affect is for a long time for the individual than the party.


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    That is true. I have noticed that due to social media, people have also become more cautious of what they say in public. That is one of the improvement this last 2 years. I am sure now people can see how the political and other opinion can be manipulated lately. It all comes down to how people respond to such content though.

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