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    Pokemon Go launched - How does it feel?

    Hi techians,

    In fact, this would be a great news for the gaming enthusiasts on the site. Pokemon Go has been out. It has been planned for a launch in India as well.

    Though there has been no clear indications about when will the game be available in India, what our Indian fans feel about the new game? How popular will it get?

    I would welcome our gaming experts to shed some light on the game and the other aspects concerned with it.
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    Yes, there is a big craze going on for this app. I wonder how this idea came into their department. It is quite unique and it is going to create other apps innovation too. I am sure this way many people are going to come up with horror games too. It'd be fun if the horror games too start like this. The location specific feature definitely makes this game more unique.

    And people are going crazy even at workplace finding pokemon in random places. It is hard to know if they are serious or just playing. The reason being lot of pokemons run away and makes it harder to catch them. And due to this it is risky to run after them. Hope kids play this game sensibly.

    I personally had trouble catching jigglypuff because that pokemon runs away very quickly. You just can't have a grip on it and catch it. And if you check for every place then you'd end up looking stalker type.

    It's fun game but I am guessing a bit overdone so far.

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    Seems like Pokemon could be the next Angry Birds. I remember the kind of enthusiasm created by the Angry Birds series. They came up with many more games after that, but the intensity of the excitement it used to create has died down.

    Pokemon developers have been quite strategic with their planning and it shows in the way the promotion has taken shape.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Pokemon Go is more of fad. Angry birds was more of puzzle type of hyped game. So both had different market. And angry bird turned out to be tough game in later versions. Pokemon go on the other hand is boring once you get used to the gameplay. Their idea is unique though, and that means other apps are going to use such visual stimuli for the game play. I can;t imagine horror games like fatal frame making use of such gaming technique, it'd be scary.

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    Well, that is much true. Pokemon will soon make you bored, just the way other games of this nature have been.

    Angry Birds still enthuses you with its game play.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think it has managed to keep the genre users hooked to the game. I am just thinking the game is not meant for all. It has it's good sides. But you'd find that if you don't like the same action of catching pokemons then it gets bored. I heard today the servers were down for most people. And it seems they are running out of server strength due to the number of requests being made. I hope they make money out of this otherwise such huge money waste.

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