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    Apple has been implementing new changes in its devices - what's your take?

    Apple has remained in its own glass house for long. It was least bit affected by the changes taking place in the smartphone arena.

    Not any more! The new releases of iPhones are believed to come in a generous 32 GB internal storage instead of 16 GB for the basic version. Apple has long resisted the need for hiking up the memory even with many of the phones coming with more storage space. Moreover, they will also be releasing the 256 GB models as well.

    There has been demand for increased storage space for the base model. But Apple had been defending itself saying the 16 GB version is working great for its users. What might have caused this change of heart?

    Maybe it has more to do with competitors like Samsung have begun offering more space on their flagships - almost double of what it used to offer before. With the technology moving towards more videos ans everything MORE, it was inevitable for Apple to follow suit.

    What do you think about the change? And how will it benefit the users. Views from our Techians would be welcome.
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    Apple introduced low storage space because there was service for the cloud. And they never wanted users to store the data on the drive. Instead they wanted them to use cloud. But the amount of security issues and the leaks happened, made them think of alternative. The walled environment has lead them to issues which they can't control. For example cloud with security issues and the large demand of lack of thin phones have reduced their sales.

    Most of the apple phones these days are being sold only after new version is being launched. This has reduced their cloud demand too. And in turn they want to get back into the smartphone business by offering better space from the start. So this may hike the price of the phone eventually. For increasing the space, they may also raise the price. This may not hurt the loyal fans, but those who are looking for iPhone for first time may find it expensive.

    Another thing is that apple is also coming up with new framework for their mobile OS, which may need more space. This can be one more reason they are pushing the space which may be something users need to have for this change.

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    Also the videos have been moving towards becoming more intensive these days. With the impetus on virtual reality and 360 videos, the demand for more space has been intense. That could be the reason for the hike in storage space.
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