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    Dwindling internet speeds - how to deal with the telcos?

    Though it has been observed that mobile internet has been through a fast pace, the development is not consistent throughout all the regions. There are issues of low internet speeds even when you have subscribed to the 3G or 4G packs. Leave alone the 4G talk, there are certain areas - even within the city limits - where you cannot even hope to get a decent 2G speed.

    Well, telcos have nodal and appellate authorities to tackle such complaints. But do they really work to alleviate the problems being faced by consumers? Aren't consumers taken for a ride? TRAI has recently launched its own mobile app for speed tests. The app has a feature to let the user send the test results to TRAI. I would think more such initiatives are the need of the hour to safeguard consumer interests.

    What do you think about the present state of affairs as far as mobile internet service quality is concerned? Share your views here and let us strive to make the telcos understand our woes.
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    Mobile data is expensive compared to the local broadband wires. Also the amount of false claims from almost every telco is unbelievable. Some of the places even within 4G enabled cities don't even get good 2G speed. And the price that customers are paying for the data is not yet justified. On the top of that there is also horrible customer service. Something you can't change and also being helpless when it comes to their performance in resolving your issues.

    It's hard to resolve such issues with the telcos because you have not many alternatives. So your best bet in such case is to use telco is moderately good with performance and customer service. This is something most of us are doing. I am using Vodafone 3G at the speed of 2G. So I can tell you most of the speed claims from them are not true at all.

    I think TRAI is aware of most of such issues but they can't enforce the human behavior and force the quality. That is something telcos have to do it themselves. There are some of the apps that are coming out showing the signal strength in the places. But if we see the accurate performance from such app we'd be really not be using many of those telcos over long period.

    Nothing concrete can be done due to red tape and other issues in this country. So we just have to adjust with some changes.

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    TRAI has been quite active with the steps taken to improve the conditions. Agreed - they cannot force anyone, but they have been into something and that should be a good sign.
    Live....and Let Live!

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