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    Discuss: Which anti-virus slower down the computer.

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which anti-virus slower down the computer.'.
    what is the minimum requirement of hard disk so that anti-virus software doesn't slower down the computer.
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    Hi Pamela,

    There is no anti virus which does not slow down computer because whenever you start your computer. Anti virus takes lots of processing in CPU. Until it does not scan the your computer till that time it will take maximum memory in CPU which makes your computer slow. So, i don't think that there is any anti virus which take less memory in CPU.

    Secondly it is also depends upon the RAM because the processing speed is calculated according to the RAM. Even you have less RAM then your computer will definitely slow down.

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    Prashant Sultania

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    Nice question. I have used Norton antivirus and with that experience i can tell for sure that the Norton antivirus slows down the computer. It takes the maximum usage from the CPU according to me. I have switched to avast antivirus free edition which is very good when compared to the other antivirus. The reviews of the avast antivirus is also very good when compared to the other antivirus.

    But the windows defender is excellent in the windows 7 so that if you are a home user then there is no necessity for any other antivirus becuase it provides good features.

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    S. Balasubramanian
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    It is the good question putted by you,As i already told before that some Anti-virus instead of removing the infections from computer makes your computer speed too slow to operate. The files and directory of such a Anti-virus is so high that that can take too much time to smell the infection and doesnot allow the other devices to work when they are searching for the infection.

    Before using it is always shows the message that close all the applications and functions running on your computer and the best example of the Anti-vius which is off-course not suitable for the computer is Nortan. it is not suitable for the computers which has very less hardware configuration but in most cases nortan has also removed a lot of dangerous threat also.

    with my experience i can say that Nortan is good especially for those computers who have high hardware configuration. For example -if you have RAM 1 GB or more then only used the nortan otherwise it will slows down your computer speed, moreover, it files takes so much time to execute when required to remove the viruses.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    I used many Antivirus programs like McAfee,Norton and now Kaspersky Internet security.According to my personal experience all these Antivirus slow down the computer.because all antivirus System Memory.

    McAfee slow downs the system startup,because it directly sits on the RAM and checks all the programs.It's very good Antivirus.McAfee is the different type of Antivirus.In Antivirus there is some types,find it in Google search.

    Norton also done the same thing and does not help me a lot.

    Kaspersky is entirely good for Windows 7 only in start up.If you scan your system using the Full scan option by Kaspersky.The system is very slow.One good thing is it protecting me online threats like phishing and Adwares and other malwares.I prefer to use McAfee but it's costly.

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    Almost all the antivirus software will slow down the system when you scan the system, because when you scan the system for the virus, any antivirus software will take more memory to load their virus definition files and that needs to search all the files and it should open the files and read the files for the malicious code.

    But when the antivirus software is ideal and it will just do the real time protection. While the Antivirus software is not scanning the system you will not face any performance issues in the computer.

    Norton will occupy more CPU time and the memory while scanning the system. That is why the scanning should be done when the system is in ideal state.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    From my experience all antivirus software slows your computer and eats up space. The antivirus software works from a black-list of known virus and since it is estimated that 60,000 new viruses are released monthly the problem will continue to get worse. The Antivirus software will take up more and more CPU space as time goes by and updates are released.

    There is a new software soon to be released that will work from a "White-List" of known good programs. One of the results from beta test is that this software speeds up your computer and frees space. As the "Black-List" of traditional Anti-virus software gets bigger and bigger, the "White-List" of the new software grows at a much slower pace. It works like a Guest-List so-to-speak. Look at it like this; if you go to an event and your name is on the guest list the door keeper lets you in, if your name is not on the list you are turned away. It doesn't matter how many viruses try to get in if their name is not on the short guest list they don't get in.

    Anyone wanting to learn more about this new software can contact me and as details become available I'll share. I do know the company hopes to have the product out of final test and on the market in the next few weeks. They will be looking for people to try and refer their product and they are willing to pay.


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