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    Need guidance from our experts on blogging

    I am new to blogging world. Hence these are the doubts from my side.

    I was unable to view "blank page" and "Web address/link" under pages link. How to change the view for to get back?

    How to add posts under particular pages? This is my blog:
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    From your screenshot it seems you're creating page. Do note that pages creates static pages on your blog. And if you want to create blog post, then you have to click on New post. You have to save the page before viewing it. You can also view the page while going through the editing. You can get the link to view page or post, by hovering over the title. You can then right click on that link and open in new tab. Or clicking left mouse click also does the same action. If you don't see any link to hover mouse over link then maybe you need to try it in different browser.

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    What I am asking to clarify is:

    I have created two pages About us and Scholarships. The number of posts in my blog are 6. I want to show the posts related to scholarships under Scholarships page. For this, I need to add web address link under page section on the left pane from dashboard. I am unable to view this link. What should I do now is my query.

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    Unlock the secrets to successful blogging with guidance from our expert team. From content creation strategies to SEO tips and audience engagement techniques, we're here to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of blogging and achieve your goals.

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    To address your concerns:

    If you're unable to view "blank page" and "Web address/link" under the "Pages" link on your blogging platform, you may need to adjust your settings or explore different options within the platform's interface. Look for settings related to page creation or customization to enable these features.

    To add posts under particular pages on your blog, you can utilize the categorization or labeling feature provided by your blogging platform. When creating a new post, you should have the option to assign it to a specific category or label. By organizing your posts into relevant categories or labels, you can effectively group them under corresponding pages on your blog.

    For more specific guidance tailored to your blogging platform, consider referring to the platform's documentation or seeking assistance from their support resources.

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    To view "blank page" and "Web address/link" under pages, check your blog settings or theme options. To add posts under particular pages, use categories and menu settings.

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