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    Year One and Counting on Techulator

    I just noticed that this 26th I completed one year here on techulator. Though I didn't put on much effort on the site. I have managed to write 77 articles here so far. I also checked that my style of writing was varied over a period of one year. I experimented with multiple topics and tried to get myself out of comfort zone.

    This year I need to put on more efforts on type of topics I write here. I also spent some time on website called Wattpad. I am writing horror stories over there. If I get good feedback then I may try writing short story book upcoming year. That means I have to also keep my hands on non fiction technical writing on this site too.

    That being said, thanks for motivating and support on the site. Hoping for more improvement from here onwards.
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    That was indeed a fruitful one year. Congratulations on the completion of success filled year.
    I have always marvelled at your level of contributions here on Techulator. Hope to see more of such good performance from you in the year ahead.

    Wattpad is truly a good platform for the budding authors. Good to see you attempting the fiction genre. Wish you a great luck in your endeavour.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Mahesh. Your contribution here was quite prominent and consistent. Especially the kind of information we get to see in your posts are rich with technical expertise. It was really another good piece of information that you shared about Wattpad. I just like horror stories. Would surely like to read the ones you've posted.
    Best of luck in all your efforts. We wish to see you achieving even higher goals in near future.
    All the best.

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    Thank you Timmappa and Anwesha for the kind words.

    Spending time on wattpad is definitely helping me for writing fiction. Unlike technical writing and informative content, it is completely different. It feels like back to school with need for attention on grammar and stuff. Also the need for developing a style in writing and being original with thought jotting is not easy too.

    Once again, thanks for encouraging words.

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    Well, does wattpad pay you for contributing on their site? What kind of benefits does it offer apart from satiating your urge for creative writing? Are there any remuneration packages therein?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Wattpad doesn't pay writers to write on their platform. They are like, they just surviving on VC money and being used as marketing platform.

    When you are writing fiction on wattpad, you're more likely to get viewed by the publishing house and agents. There are some of the authors who have landed deals for short story episodes, book and some even got their story rewritten for movie. It's hard work and lot of work to get noticed but that place gives you validation for your writing skills. Most of the contests sponsored by publishing house or media house may help in landing such deals.

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    So that would mean Watt pad is a good means to satisfy your creative hunger. Moreover, you can make use of it to work on your writing skills. Having access to a wide range of established authors would give you an opportunity to improve your skill set.
    One must agree that high quality of vocabulary and usage of captivating phrases is an important aspect when it comes to creative writing, something you need not worry in case of technical write ups.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The biggest learning curve is in setting the focus of your English. For example, american English and British has different way of expressing itself. Different words to learn and use for the readers. Lot of things to learn from writers community such as this. I am just taking things slowly. And hoping for publishing short book in US or EU bookstores.

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