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    What exactly Social Media Managers work on?

    I recently came across a job title that read "Social Media Manager". What exactly are the responsibilities of such a position?

    From the title of the post, it appears that the person will be in charge of handling the blogs or social profiles of a company. So he will need to have a good command over English ( or the language of the blog/ social media profile) - and a command over written variety at that. He should have a flair for writing.

    What are the special qualities he needs to have in him? How far is the job a good one from the income point of view?

    I would welcome views from our learned members.
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    Each social media job is going to be different. Some pages and social accounts are meant to be kept active with new content. Some brands and companies want their content to be launched first in the market. And that is why there is a need for such content developer on those social media accounts.

    Most of the projects that I worked on required following - create new content or present the popular opinion in better graphics. Also there are going to be specific tasks for reaching the numbers. Be it number of shares and likes. Those are some of the goals for regular social media jobs.

    Depending on who hires you, the goal could be spreading brand awareness. Also maintaining the brand reach and reputation is one thing. Posting controversial opinion is often going to help or backfire the brand. So it requires some balance to manage such projects.

    You don't need much command over English unless you're doing Videos for brands and companies you work for. In case of video and audio based social media projects you may need command over English. You need good sense of humor and presence of mind for cracking humor and sarcasm over some social issues. Unless you're working on regular job for social media, SEO and branding, I'd say it is not a good for part time job. You'd find it harder to keep clients because this field is too demanding for freelancing. But if you're content with irregular gigs and income like most of the freelancers are with such lifestyle then this can be a good option.

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    Thanks for that valuable information. I was not aware that the job is also available as a freelancing option. But, what about the prospects as a regular job?

    I happened to see ad in the newspaper for the position of Content writers/social media managers. I suggested it to one of my friends. He asked me for more details and that was the reason I posted this query here. Does the position really hold better prospects?

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    If it is a full time job in startups or big media houses then that is going to be a big career with some tangents. For example, websites such as Indiatimes, Scoopwhoop, MensXP have need for content writer who are expected to be good at communication be it written, verbal and visual. In that case think of this position as more of journalism based position, where they expect you to know social media, SEO and writing skills. It has lot of future if you're viewing this from journalism and conversion based content writing job. If it's just another freelance type of social media job then it may not have long growth and good enough for short gigs.

    If your friend is good at communication and can present his writing skills along with such social media portfolio then that can be good opportunity. If it's just another temporary or part time position, then think of it as short term freelance type of gigs, which is good enough for short term money. Depending on who is employing will let you know if it's short term or long term opportunity.

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    Does the job needs you have deeper SEO knowledge? If one has good writing skills and a fairly good command over the language along with flair for writing, will that suffice as a prerequisite?
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    For content writing job, writing skills alone are sufficient. If you're applying for freelance and short term positions, that would work as well.

    But for social media position you need to have some knowledge of SEO and Social media psychology. And SEO changes keep on changing every few months. So this changing knowledge is required for the work that you do for clients. These days journalism and copy-writing skills are also required because provocative content writing is in demand on social media. So knowledge of keywords, and search optimization definitely helps. For freelance and short term jobs, it is not required but for bigger media houses and MNC jobs, it's prerequisite.

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    That would mean fluency in the written language will go a long way in making yourself a success in the content writing sphere. I do not clearly know what exactly the recruiter is looking for, but the job title just says "Content Writer".
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