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    Which category to choose for Medical Equipment?

    Today the world of medicine has advanced a lot with the help of technology. There are a lot of gadgets which are better termed as "medical equipment" which are available at the medicine stores to be used for regular usage.
    In my own house we are using many of them. Some of them can boast to solve life long solutions to the common health related issues.
    I wanted to write on them but didn't find any such category here which could be suitable for such kind of gadgets. At the same time I found those tools really useful and recommendable for many.
    Please suggest a category which you think could accommodate these topics.
    In my opinion we can even add a category to the list for the same, as these products are of regular necessity which most of the people would look for.
    I request all the members, webmasters and editors to participate in this discussion and share their views.
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    One section I can think of is - "Tools & Utilities". This section has one subsection called "Miscellaneous". This can be used for the medical equipment I assume. That being said, yes it seems there is no dedicated medical gadget or tools category present. That needs to be added into the menu. Medical keywords can be really good for the adsense or any type of ads. I just checked the CPC value for some keywords, it's very good. I think depending on the type of keywords you choose they can be good for ads. So writing articles on those topics can be really good option. I hope that webmaster and tony john sir can add the category into the system.

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    That is indeed a good idea to write on medical equipment. I hope to see some quality content from your end in this genre. As indicated by Mahesh, it would be one of the best topic from the AdSense point of view.

    As for the correct category, you may need to opt for the Miscellaneous section as of now. Let me bring it to the attention of the team to see if they can come up with any suggestion.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    You can post it in Gadgets category.
    Its better to create sub categories only when we are sure we are going to get sufficient number of articles in that category. If we do get sufficient medical gadget related articles we can create a sub category.

    Probably we can have a contest on the same topic itself, what do you say?

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    Well, that is a good idea. We are, in fact, looking forward to the new contests. It is high time a new contest is announced in TEC. It has been quite long since we have had a contest running here.

    Actually, we are into a discussion on the need for a contest since last couple of days.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    That was a wonderful response from all of you. Special thanks to Ankit for guiding us regarding the category. And it is a splendid idea to make it a contest topic. Hope we all could bring a decent traffic this time.

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    And our wish has been granted! There is a new contest announcement. And the topic is Anwesha's favourite.

    Hope the contest will rock.

    Live....and Let Live!

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