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    Its been a long time since we have participated in an Article Writing Contest

    Techulator had been vibrant with activities all its way because of its varied type of content as well as its sections. But apart from that, what made it more interesting and inviting is its contests. We have participated in so many Article Writing Contests so far and it was real fun filled with excited waiting for the results.

    I guess that even new members would keep joining if they get to participate in such contests. As Techulator never turns anyone down and pays everybody with its rewarding cash credits, it can be a very nice way to make the site more popular through these contests.

    Last time more members took part in the contest, and if we share the announcement in our social media profiles about this, it would grab a lot of public attention.

    It is now quite a long time that we have not got a chance to participate in a contest. We may even have a short article contest, where big amounts of cash need not be promised. This way our site will benefit in every way and we would get another morale booster for all with a huge traffic gushing in.

    Do you agree? Friends please share your opinion on this.
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    Actually, I was also going to post a thread on the same topic today. Even I am eagerly waiting to see an article contest on Techulator as it had been a long time since I saw an article contest.

    And also as I have started working here after a long time break so I would love to participate in every article contest of Techulator to show my writing skills. I hope the webmaster will pay regard to this and will announce an article contest very soon.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Well, it is true that there has been less frequency of article contests here on the site. The last contest - if I remember correctly - was on the best upcoming smartphones in 2016. The year 2016 has almost completed its half existence. The contest stated was held in the beginning of the year. It would really be nice to see a few contests being announced soon.

    As Anwesha pointed out, it would be a quality booster for new as well as existing members. Hopefully, webmasters in charge of contest announcements will respond soon.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    It's been indeed a long time since the last contest. I am not sure if there is any specific trend going on which we can have the contest. I guess even the editors must be going through the same. Earlier there were some products or topic like tax etc. I hope Tony sir can come up with a good article writing contest. Contests can be a good option to get ourselves into habit of writing here. I appreciate the suggestion.

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    Nice to see you all supporting the view. But I was expecting some more positive responses from other members as well. Hope the Webmasters and Tony Sir himself share their opinion on this.

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    And the positive response has come up. There is an announcement of a contest after quite a long time.

    And this has been possible because of Anwesha. Knowingly, or otherwise - she has been instrumental in making the announcement a reality. Let us just hope to see as many entries as possible for the contest.

    Live....and Let Live!

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