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    Is Microsoft moving away from smartphone market?

    Microsoft seems to have planned to shelve its smartphone market. The announcement by Mr. Nadella that they are "streamlining" their mobile phone business. But this streamlining exercise involves laying off more than 1800 workers! Does it not appear strange?
    From the face of what appears, Microsoft has been into cutting down its interest on the smartphone business.
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    Nokia and Microsoft merger didn't helped Microsoft to establish business. Also Nokia as a brand failed too. And that's why Microsofft needs to build on their own brand. Instead of wasting energy on merger and killing the working brand. Lumia and Asha were two good products but they branded it as Nokia Microsoft. This turned out to be distaster. They could have used the design and manufacturing of Nokia unit and kept producing Windows phone.

    Lay off's are scary. Not just because seeing loss of jobs for many. But also it means failed product or service.

    Now that Nokia is coming out with Android phone as different branch of the company. It seems Microsoft will have to just produce the Phone on their own branding. This is both good news and bad news. The bad being Windows mobile not able to attract people. And good news being MS is staying consistent with the strategies for the phone market.

    I hope Microsoft improves and put on a fight against Apple as market is due on better phone and service. So far I have found that Windows and Symbian/Sailfish as a not good choice for customers. How both Nokia and Microsoft perform from here onwards is going to be interesting.

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    Microsoft failed in the smartphone segment because of its late entry into the field. Developers were not interested in developing apps for Windows OS. They still view it as "could be" option than a must like they develop or upgrade the apps for Android and iOS.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    It's not entry that failed them but their adamant decisions towards mobile platform did lead to failure.

    Xiaomi arrived super late in the android market. But compared to Oppo, Lava, Micromax brands, they are selling products lot quicker. So it's not about late entry but the wrong decisions. Xiaomi made android look simple, cute and quicker with minor changes and improvements. And they kept cost low as well.

    Some of the wrong decisions for Microsoft include - Metro UI. Forcing UI which is harder for people to understand lead to lack of buyers. They even failed with Windows 8 for that matter. And that's why they got back into Windows 10 with responsive look instead of metro UI.

    Another bad decision they did is removing symbian. What works to make money should not be disturbed. They did that with nokia and losses began coming into it.

    Now if they want to survive in Mobile space, they have to think of super easy interface for people. And cost that justifies the purchase. This is one reason any company that gets into android market is making money. UI remains simple and they just have to compete on specifications and quality of specs. Microsoft is still in 80s and 90s attitude where they want name to sell instead of features or the customer demands.

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