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    Linked In acquired by Microsoft - What would be the future like?

    Microsoft has been in the process of acquiring LinkedIn - the huge and immensely popular professional social network. Touted as the first major acquisition under Mr. Nadella, it is being seen as Microsoft's attempt regain the social platform it badly needs.
    The acquisition is quite huge in terms on the money involved too. What benefits will it have on the fortunes of both Linked In and Microsoft? More importantly, in what ways would it be more useful for the users?

    Fellow techians are welcome to share their personal views on this recent acquisition and its impact on the normal users of both the services.
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    LinkedIn over the period of years have acquired many companies that helped their own brand. For example they purchased slideshare and few other companies. They also purchased one tech support app 2 years back. i think they renamed it or something for their in house use. So it seems they had very strong portfolio in their asset. Also the amount of good companies working with them are increasing.

    With Microsoft acquiring this company, means all the assets are now controlled by Microsoft. So it seems the recruitment niche is now part of their brand. In terms of revenue this will help Microsoft even further as this company is one of the popular among the niche of recruitment and referrals.

    I am not sure apart from revenue and niche expansion, how this acquisition will help Microsoft. I mean cloud services help the purchase more these days. But there has to be bigger reason behind the take over of the LinkedIn.

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    I guess the acquisition has more to do with Microsoft's ambition to taste success in the social networking. It has tried several times before, could not carve a niche for itself in the social networking space. Linked In is likely to give it an edge over the likes of Facebook and Google Plus.
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    LinkedIn is not traditional social network. So with LinkedIn they are not competiting with twitter and facebook. Instead they have acquired human resource and recruitment niche market. So this may not benefit them to compete with big social network giants. However I do feel that LinkedIn is going to help them set the influence standards in the market. With some of the changes in Microsoft recently, I am guessing acquisition is going to be their strategy to survive in market. It's long way to go for them with LinkedIn. As their Nokia acquisition and direction failed. I don't think modifying existing business model with LinkedIn is going to help them. I do however think making new business or services around LinkedIn will definitely help them.

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