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    Better Weather App for Android

    Xiaomi has it's own custom app with the data from Accuweather. So most of the content from the accuweather is reasonable, I feel the need to find alternate sources for the same. I don't have much to complain about this app. But I think it'd be worth checking out if there are more accurate weather prediction apps out there.

    Accuweather data is good and is often used by many other online widgets too. For example, even google access the data for the india from that site. I am thinking if indian apps are out there for better weather prediction and related information. I cross check with the yahoo's content but compared to accuweather, they are off the mark for indian weather.

    Do you have any suggestion for weather app? Or do you use any different weather app? Please share your opinion on alternate weather app.
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    I used Accuweather and relied much on it. However, I had to remove it because of the issues I had with my phone RAM. Accuweather seems to be heavy on resources. The application is quite accurate with Indian weather forecasts.

    I now use 1Weather for weather forecasts. It is quite accurate with its forecasts. I guess I should agree with your comment that Yahoo weather is completely off the mark as long India is concerned. It does not even identify the location.

    I have also tried the app by The Weather Channel, but could not find it much helpful either. I would suggest you to check out the 1Weather app and share your views here.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I just checked one named poncho, which is still in beta. A bit too much on the graphical end. But the data seems to be accurate. I didn't like the interface and mascot. The reason being the app is distraction. Notification of that app are good though.

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    Seems I need to check that out. If it is too heavy on resources, it will definitely be not suitable for me.
    Thank you for letting us know about the app. Will check it in a couple of days and share my opinion.

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