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    What is so good about Wikipedia as per your opinion?

    Wikipedia is the best source for any kind of information. I do not think there is any net user who does not browse the site. Well, there is an issue associated with it as it is an open source platform where any user can edit the information. That may make it an unreliable source of information. However, for most of the regular queries - Wikipedia should be the the good choice.

    Now, my question is what are the unique features of Wikipedia? I would wish to know the opinions from our members. Share the best features according to you.

    Come on Techians, share your views here.
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    I joined Wikipedia in it's early stages and attended most of their IRC meets in that time. I see it has now grown up to be very big place now. Also the amount of contribution being done on daily basis is really good. This is something you'll find very rare among any other open source projects. Also the amount of search queries made after google are on Wikipedia. Not even IMDB and Youtube has that many search queries especially during the exam time.

    Unique features I'd say - Wikitionary as dictionary, wikiversity as course oriented place, village pump for discussion article issues etc.

    So there are plenty of unique projects under wikimedia that are good and are connected with wikipedia.

    The content is questionable though. Lot of people edit the pages and add content which may misguide the people. Also the amount of people with credible data are still not coming up. This makes you think that there is very less credibility left in wikipedia on many topics. This has to change otherwise we will be forced to access the paid encyclopedia once again. Microsoft and few other companies may shut down their encyclopedia but eventually they may have to come up due to credibility issues in wikipedia. But wikipedia managing this purely on donation is really good.

    What I find good is that the knowledge is quickly available. Also even to date wikipedia is growing strong with new content each day. This is really good thing.

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    Yes, indeed the allied services of Wikipedia are really quite great. Thank you for bringing up that aspect. Wictionary is my best bet.
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