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    How to Upgrade android system for Samsung Galaxy E7 From KIT KAT to Lolipop without KIES?

    I want to upgrade to Lolipop for ny Galaxy E7 without Kies , So what should i do.
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    The Android Lollipop update has been released for the Samsung Galaxy E7. The update is available OTA (Over The Air). You can install the update on your device using your smartphone alone. Follow the steps below to update your phone -

    Make sure you backed up all your data. Navigate into the Settings -> About Phone -> System Update -> Check For Update. If the update is available( well, it is - actually), it will show up with the DOWNLOAD button. Click on it. The phone will begin downloading the update. It may take time depending on the size of the update.

    Once the update is downloaded, click on INSTALL button to begin installing the same. Your device will reboot after the completion of the update installation.

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    KIES will update the device using the desktop interface. So if you don't want to use that as an option for update then your only option remains is to use OTA update. Because that is the only method where you don't require to use any PC interface. And this OTA update gets you update the device in the background.

    In order to update the device using the OTA. I suggest you to follow these steps.

    Option 1 : OTA Update

    Go to Settings > More >>About Device > Software update >Update.

    Option 2: Samsung Service Center.

    If you are not sure about above steps then take your device to samsung service station. This option is good if you don't have Wifi or connection nearby for the data. Most of the people with no data enabled on their device prefer this method. As most of the service centers don't charge for updating the device.

    Option 3: Take a look at the steps taken here in the video.

    As the update is rolled out this month. So you'll be able to get the update from the device itself. Make sure you are updating with Wifi enabled if you want to avoid data charges.

    After finishing the download, setup will reboot and during boot process the update will be applied. And once the home screen is shown you can go to settings and check the update version.

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    Please note that it would be advisable to update your phone via WiFi if you are using the OTA option. Mobile data may not be consistent and thus may cause issues with your downloaded files.
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