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    Which is the most innovative and most unique app according to you?

    Smartphones have become the most indispensable part of our life. So are the mobile apps. Mobile apps have been coming up in hordes and groups. A few of them have proved to be innovative with their concept while some have been also ran.
    We all have our own favourite apps. I would wish our members to share the most innovative app according to them. Please note that I do not want you to share your favourite app - but the most innovative app according to you. It would be great if you give your reasons for your choice.

    Come on Techians, let us find how it goes!
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    In terms of graphics, I'd say there were plenty of apps which were created last few years. I have seen few apps later closed due to lack of funding.

    Calm is one app which I find very innovative. The reason being it is not easy to get the video display as app splash front page. Also the app has controls which look very creative. It has few other options in sessions which i don't find in any other app.

    Digitally Imported Radio, during 2015 their app design was really great. They also had this feature of detecting favorite music based on their internal algorithm. Now due to funding issue they have reduced to simple radio player. In short they were really innovative in some of the steps they took in the past. I still enjoy their app.

    Lumosity is also one good app that is focused on the puzzles and training your mind. it is for people of all ages. The pro version has lot of fun games which are not available in other apps. I think such games and the way we can play them on tablet is really unique.

    Apart from apps, I also think games are innovative and they come up with very different concept. Cut the rope and angry birds for an example. They turned out to be really good apps.

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    Samsung Club was one of the greatest apps in terms of innovative features. Sadly enough, the app closed down. It was my favourite app for downloading music. Being an authorised app, there were no worries about any virus or malware attacking your phone.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    For music download I remember using Sony's built in app in it's old model prior to the Android. it was nice app. Also the price for per song download was moderate too. But eventually they had to shut down in india as there was not much demand for serving downloads. Same case happened with Nokia;s Music Xpress app. It was innovative in the sense they had better player with video included which we could use before purchasing the song. They too got shutdown eventually. Another app I didn't mentioned in the earlier reply was screen filterapp. Plenty of them out there. But for some reason i think twilight is much better app. I have added that on my android setup.

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