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    Call Blocking from Anonymous Numbers

    I had this call from some anonymous number at 3am in the morning. There was some voice of russian accent woman. When I picked up the phone and listened to that voice for few seconds, it got cut. I am not sure if it was Russian or Ukrainian IVR system. But it got cut in specific tone.

    After that I checked my balance in the morning. And found that I got 30Rs deduction suddenly for that number. I didn't called that service or did anything to get that call. I had that call and it got my money reduced.

    As the phone number is prepaid, I don't use it for 3G access or any form of data. So I have no idea how my 30 Rs got deducted. I inquired to Vodafone and they said, it was reduced because call was made from my side. I don't know how this racket managed to deduct my money.

    Any idea how to block such anonymous calls? Is there any registry or service that maintains list of numbers used by such rackets and they can filter before call comes in?
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    The only way to prevent such tricky activities is not picking up any call if it is coming from unknown numbers. Our service providers have also sent us preventive messages not to respond to calls, especially the international ones. If you have people who can call you from abroad, request them to first intimidate you about the call through messages or mails and save their numbers in advance. It isn't only an issue of deducting money, its also a matter of security these days. So we all need to be careful at all times regarding our connectivity.
    Once the mischief is done, you cannot do anything, but you can prevent such thing taking place henceforth.

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    Yes I started to take actions on this. I moved my offshore clients on skype and on Google voice number. So that is one relief. I have also started to remove the number from most of the offshore portals and services. I also deregistered Gmail's OTP service. This way I have decided not to take international call after evening. I also decided not to save any debit or credit card in any online services to avoid the similar issue. Hope this stops such calls.

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    Well, there is nothing you will be able to do now to get the money back. But, be prepared to solve any such clients calling you in the future. The best way to do so is not taking any calls that you are not able to identify. The steps that you have already taken are most appropriate. I do not think there is any need for any further actions.

    I remember telecom companies - almost all of them - had released the list of a few numbers that were treated to be obnoxious. Maybe it would be a good idea to get in touch with them so as to get the list of numbers.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes the money is gone. I don't expect anything on that front. Just going to protect the existing setup. Also finding any weird app that passes the data to the external server. I am guessing some apps often cause that issue with all the adserver and appid requests.

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