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    Now wireless charger no need any surface to charge the device

    What do you thing if laptop come up with wireless charging capabilities.
    Dell one of the great laptop manufacturing company will introduce wirelessly charge the laptop.
    Unlike current wireless charging methods such as Nokia's wireless mobile charger that require you to accurately place the charging coils on top of another, Dell will introduce a very safe magnetic field that transmits the electricity wirelessly.
    WiTricity behind this technology found in the military batteries that used to be on soldier's helmets for night vision goggles have been removed and WiTricity tech in the backpacks are used to power the helmets wirelessly. The backpack's batteries are then charged when soldiers sit in down in the Humvee while being transported
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    I think this can be really handy. Especially for those who travel and are on work duty. They can make use of such chargers. I personally don't find much use to the wireless chargers.

    The issue with the charging speed and also the cost of such chargers is worth taking a look into. The current wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy series are not effective. And they still require some sort of contact with the device. So they don't sound like the exact definition of the wireless chargers.

    Concept of Dell seems good and hoping it works better for laptop and bigger devices.

    I'd say it'd take some time to get the real concept to materialize. For soldiers I think wireless charging and solar charging would be more beneficial.

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