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    Super Contributor Awards May 2016 - Forum section Winner

    Hi Techies,

    With reference to our earlier announcement on Super Contributor Awards from Techulator, here are the results of the super contributor awards for the Month of May 2016 for Forum section!

    The Super Contributor for Forum section are:
    1. Timmappa Kamat
    2. Mahesh
    Congratulation to the super contributors on this great achievement. Super contributors are going to receive an award as per announcement (above first link), in addition to the normal cash and revenue share member receive for posting Question and Answers in the Forum section.

    Keep continue to contribute in this section to become a winner. All the best.
  • #24150
    Thanks a lot Hafeez for that timely announcement. Glad to be holding on to the first position in the section. Still good to see other members taking an active part in the forum section as well.
    I have always maintained that the forum section is the lifeline of the site. Would just love to see many more members contributing here.

    Congrats to co winner Mahesh.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congrats to Timmappa and Mahesh for great work

  • #24156
    Congrats to Timmappa for winning forum section award. Thank you Nikunj for the wishes. It's good to see new members in the forum and Ask experts section. More members the better it feels on the site. Keep contributing. Cheers!

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    Good to see two winners this time. That should mean my frequent requests not to neglect the forum section has paid off. However, as I can see the section is still lean. I would wish to see the kind of contribution that was prevalent during 2015.

    Way to go...!

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa and Mahesh for winning this award. All of us had a good time with the useful discussions held in this section and personally I got to know many things at one place while coming out of the doubts I had on these issues.
    Hope we get to see other members joining the Forum soon and we can have more vibrant discussions on more relevant topics.

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    That is indeed the need of the hour - Anwesha. I wish more of our members get inclined to contribute effectively in the forum section. That would make forum what it used to be in the past.

    Maybe most of the members look at the earning opportunities alone and that has been the reason for low volume of contribution in the section. I just hope more members will be seen this time.

    Live....and Let Live!

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