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    How do I earn points for my blog? What is the criteria and how can I better in it?


    I have posted two articles in different categories lately. my question is "How can I earn points after posting the article? Is it that when people view my article or respond to it, I shall earn points? or is it that I have to promote and advertise my article to earn points?

    In addition to this, How can I earn money by posting an article in techulator? I have no links with Adsense as of now. What does it take to connect to Adsense and start earning?

    awaiting brief explanation and assistance on the same.

    Thanks much,
    Suman Vaid.
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    Hello, Suman
    I see your profile and I came to know that you just join Techulator.
    You first need to connect your social media to profile so you can earn true profile point around 50 or less.
    Then you should start with Ask Expert give an answer or ask a question you have any doubt.
    Article Session takes a time to approve because webmaster or editor are busy in so much work.
    You can share your article in social media before it will publish.
    Make sure that you tick on "article is ready to publish" at the bottom of article submission page.
    I hope you understand the whole thing and how it works.

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    Thank you so much Nikunj Sir for your kind gesture. grateful for your help !!!

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    Hi Suman,

    Welcome to Techulator. Here are some of the options through which you earn both points and money.

    1. Write original content in Articles Section. Make sure it is original and quality content. It should be 500 words and above in tech or the niche supported by the website.
    2. Start answering in Ask experts section. This section also earns you money based on the quality answers.
    3. Contribute on forums section. Once a month that section too gets one award which earns points and money.
    4. Just be active and contribute. That way you get into the contributors list award too.

    I hope this explains you in short about site. Hope to see your contributions. And the best part have fun, come up with your questions in forum or ask experts section. Enjoy.

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    Welcome to the most reliable revenue sharing website in India. You can be sure of reaching great heights with your contribution.

    The best way to.start with the site would be to start contributing in the Ask Experts section. You can respond to the questions asked in the section. Each of your responses -if approved - would fetch you cash credits. Make sure you do not indulge in plagiarism. Always post genuine content. Do not copy paste from third party sites.

    If you are good at writing articles, you may try writing a few in the appropriate category. Please note that your articles can earn a good cash credit if they are approved. Do remember that stringent moderation is followed on the site.
    Keep connecting with fellow members with any of your queries, or any kind of thoughts/views within the purview of this site through this forum section.
    Finally do not worry about the points. Keep contributing quality content in as many sections as possible. That would establish you as a good contributor and help you achieve big

    Good luck!

    Live....and Let Live!

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