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    Clearing Confusion on OTG Cable

    I see a lot of answers here being confused about USB OTG which is just basically a standard for file transfer. OTG is not something different hardware standard. OTG here refers to the software suppor for the microUSB 2.0's data transfer support. This is also used for the charging purpose. Most of the brands such as Xiaomi, Huwei, Oppo and Micromax are releasing the adapter that includes USB point that connects the point for connecting the cable on one end and another end with USB OTG point.

    This USB cable can be used for both file transfer as well as device charging. Anyone having confusion please check the image URL below on how the adapter's detachable cable looks.

    USB OTG & OTG both cables are same.

    Samsung, Moto & Sony doesn't offer detachable charger adapter that has USB OTG point. So it cant be used for file transfer.
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    There is a big difference between the normal USB and a USB OTG functionality. There are two ways yu can use your phone. You will use it as a peripheral device. So you will connect your phone to your PC and the PC will access your phone storage. This is taken care of by a regular USB cable. Almost all regular phones support this.
    In the USB OTG mode, you use your phone as a host. Which means you can connect a hard drive or any external drive to it and access the drive storage on your phone. Maybe same cable can be used for the purpose, but the just becuase you have a detachable cable does not mean that the phone supports USB OTG. There are phones which come with USB 2.0 interface and a detachable cable, but will not support the OTG feature i.e they cannot work as host to a drive.

    Hope this makes it clear.

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    USB OTG mode requires PC suite software to open in a host mode. That is the only difference provided that it is used for software mode (as in file transfer). Being a software standard, it requires PC suite for that feature. OTG cable standard doesn't itself automatically opens itself in host mode. So there is no difference in it in terms of hardware at all. OTG cable detachable works the same way with the one that you buy from market. Both the hardware pins and the standard being supported is same. The micro-B cable you're referring to which doesn't get detected is limited to specific phones. And phone manufacturer specify if the cable is of micro-B or not. If it's micro-B it doesn't get the On-the-Go support.

    I'd appreciate pictorial proof to show me if there is hardware difference.

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    Normal USB have the facility of charging the phone using an adapter or from PC, Data sinking from PC or transfer data to PC and USB Tethering to use internet of you mobile in PC.

    OTG USB has the facility of charge another phone or we can attach an external device like pen drive to see files and folder in that device.

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    Phones supporting USB OTG do not need a PC to connect to the external drives. The feature lets you connect even a keyboard or mouse to your phone. A normal USB will let you connect your phone to the PC. A USB OTG standard is what lets you connect the phones together. Using the USB OTG functionality, you can make your phone act as a host for other devices. Thus, you can connect a keyboard, or a musical instrument to your phone so that the phone will run it. Just the way, your PC works as a " BOSS" to all other devices connected to it, USB OTG makes your phone the BOSS of the devices connected to it.
    Connect your USB mouse to your phone and the cursor is shown on your display. Likewise, the USB OTG functionality will let you connect a keyboard to the phone and make it a mini laptop. You can connect a USB storage drive like a pen drive to your phone and then use your file manager on your phone to browse the files on the pen drive on your phone.
    USB OTG is a feature that does away the need for the PC.

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    Hi Nikunj, normal USB is out of this discussion as we are being specific with the type of connector the device is using, either Type C or Type B connector or any other specific that phones offer and which is supported under USB on-the-go standard.

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    Timmappa, normal USB also differs with the type of PINs. So the normal USB that you use for PC can't be used for the Mac. In case of MAC it makes use of the Type B for it's charging.

    Likewise Type C connector with OTG USB can be used to connect in between the device or for the PC connection.

    I am perfectly aware of normal USB cables and OTG and their functionality. Point of my post was - some manufacturers are shipping Type C cables detachable to the adapter and some don't provide that. However detachable one works exactly the way you want it to work with the cable that you buy from the market.

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    I agree with it. But, having a detachable cable and a USB 2.0 interface will not ensure that the phone supports USB OTG. The phone needs to have that support embedded. As for instance, my Galaxy S3 has a detachable cable, but does not support USB OTG. Your responses in the AE section seem to give an impression that just by having a USB interface and detachable cable is enough to have the OTG compatibility.
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    The type of cable point and connection points of the phone decides the OTG support not the phone software. Phone only interacts with the device using driver that ships with android version. Detachable cable can be of Type B and not support OTG. Like you explained in your case. In that situation, we have to specifically check the specs when we write answer on AE or any other article or product description IMO. I completely understand that phone can have detachable USB of specific connector type but not OTG.

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    Otg! Otg is a wired device which one part is connected with ur phone and other part is connected with usb....Briefly it creats a link between ur phone and usb or sometimes dongle

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    OTG cable is only useful when phone has a suoport for it.
    I am having a Samsung J7 phone which has OTG support and I have got recently a OTG cable and I am regularly using it for transfer of files to USB.
    Before this I could not use this facility as my old phone did not support it.

    Knowledge is power.

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