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    Google plan to remove password from login authentication.

    Google working on developing Trust API for mobile login without the password. Instead of asking for a password, Now phone might analyze your face, your voice, how you type, how you swipe , how you move and where you are.
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    Yes the new changes made to the login screen does point to that way. However I have noticed that the old two login box were more effective. It reduced the time it took for login. Also the new swiped login where you first enter name and then password is time consuming. It should not be slow like this. If they are adding swipe, face and other recognition then it could be beneficial. Otherwise I think it'd be wise to have authentication that goes slow like this.

    I am guessing the face recognition from the android is likely to have first preference. The thumb and other recognition may get future preference. If the new account opening also goes through this method. In such case the spam and the usage of the gmail for spam would be surely reduced. I see many other such possibilities here. It's just that it is not yet there for us with current slow speed for the internet. Otherwise such recognition can be easily be done through servers for almost every type of authentication.

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