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    Too many Apps on Phone

    I have noticed that these days I have installed more apps than I need to use on everyday basis. Some of the apps are nothing but the feed to the website. And they add nothing new to the phone experience. If this were to be some exclusive content then I'd have thought about it. But for some reason I see no change in the content. So most of such apps are not needed on my phone. But it is also hard to decide which apps should go from quick access.

    I am going to remove most of the apps such as TEDx(you can find videos of it on YouTube), startup related apps, news apps and some social media apps such as tumblr and google plus.

    I have reduced down to whatsapp, facebook and twitter. And few other social apps are removed. Also I removed the radio apps too and kept only one app that I need. But it gets complicated especially when you need readable content, so I kept kindle app instead. It is in turn a very slow process on which I am working harder.

    Have you ever had this issue of App overload in your phone and you have no idea of which app to delete and keep?
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    I face that issue regularly. Though I am not on app adding spree just for the heck of it, I do install apps whenever I find some of them interesting. But, I use them quite rarely after installing them. When it comes to uninstalling a few of them, it gets little disturbing to decide on the one to remove.
    Since getting my laptop and broadband connection, the usage of those apps on the phone has turned still rarer. I have decided on a few of them to delete, but yet to bring it to action.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I am facing the same problem on my phone.
    I have 16 GB storage phone, 6 GB used by Android OS and 3 GB of Space used by my installed applications and I noticed that half of that application are not used in my daily life and some of that application are draining my battery life.
    So, what I do is I disable this app from application manager so that at least is don't affect my battery life and then, When I need this application then I enable it for some time and after finished with it, I disable is again. I disable most of the inbuilt google apps that are preinstalled in my phone.

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    I didn't have much issue with the Google's app per se. I have found those apps good enough for me. Then again I use Xiaomi's phone, so they keep only essential google apps. And they don't stuff the phone with unnecessary google eco system in it.

    However I mostly downloaded the apps which I wanted to use for reading purpose. I get most of the time free for reading. And I wanted to use this time wisely. So I just downloaded those apps like TEDx one. And realized a lot of that content is available from other apps too. e.g. youtube. So it is waste of downloading such dedicated app for such content.

    I think content consumption can be a big issue to deal with. That is the reason behind the app overload for me. I have to find solution to that.

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    Even I am facing the same problem. A lot of apps are coming with the phone itself by default, which I have never used so far. I have installed a few apps which appeared to be useful and of my interest but really not getting enough time to try them out.
    I would definitely remove those apps which I have installed, tried and didn't find much useful, but not sure, whether to remove the default apps which came with the phone itself.

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    Yes right now i am also going through same situation.
    My phone is overloaded with applications.
    But there are two reasons behind that.
    1.We install apps and then later we don't use it because we don't get enough time from our "most useful" apps whats app,Facebook and entertaining apps which consumes most of our time which is i think not worth to spend,but we are addicted to such apps and cant give the time to apps which we had installed for getting (knowledge/information/ whatever types of apps which we had installed but cant give time).
    If we reduce general usage of social networking apps then suddenly we will not think that phone is "overloaded" with apps which are not useful for us.
    Each apps has it specialty you cant say that this app is not useful.
    Only thing that matters is your preference for apps.
    2.Yes,there are some preloaded apps(Samsung has most useless preloaded apps) which we generally don't use or have better alternative in playstore to that types of apps.You can always disable such apps from phone.There is also another way to remove apps by rooting phone.

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