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    Nokia all set to make a comeback - will it succeed?

    Crushed by the huge success of Apple and Google's Android platform, Nokia lost out to the competition and had to sell off its smartphone manufacturing to Microsoft. Now, it has planned to come up with Brand licensing and return to the smartphone market.
    Once a global leader in the mobile phone market, will Nokia be able to make it out this time? It has struck a deal with a company in Helsinki to license its brand which will manufacture smartphones and tabs.
    What do you think will be the fate of Nokia this time? What strategies do they need to employ to be a successful name once again?
    All our fellow Techians are invited to share your views.
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    If they use Windows OS or try to make their new OS, then it's hard to get back the market now. So they need to either use existing OS like Tizen or Android. Though Tizen can run Android apps on the phone. I don't think it'd be wise choice for them long term. Even samssung dropped making the tizen phones this year. So new phones are coming lately. In turn the development of Tizen is limited for phones such as Jolla.

    I am guessing the android version of Nokia phones would be good. And also they'd in more demand knowing that the phone will be stronger in make. As the company where the nokia used to assemble the plastic parts needs to be around for this.

    I for one won't be using nokia if it is using their own custom OS or windows OS.

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    Nokia lost out to the competition because it opted for a wrong OS. Windows was not the favoured OS for mobile phones back then and it isn't even now. Hopefully, Nokia will opt for Android operating system. And we just hope it would not be some forked Android system as was the plan before.
    Live....and Let Live!

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