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    I just joined and Got 51 point in a day, soon i will be silver member of this blog

    But I want to know that what is point is
    is it related to money
    if yes then how point converts into money
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    Points and money are on different scaling levels. Points are counted towards member level. e.g. silver, gold, platinum and diamond etc. In case of the member levels it unlocks some of the features which are restricted. Diamond and platinum level members get extended time for revenue sharing views for adsense. Other members are given specific time for the revenue share.

    As for the money, it is allotted based on your contribution to the forum. Here quality is counted and on that basis the money is given to the specific post or article or answer. You should contribute to all section of this site to gain points and specific section to make money. Again better to focus on quality as it helps you in longer run.

    Improve your sentence writing. Use period and comma. It's a skill to use coma at the right time but use period at the end of every sentence. Also avoid SMS and whatsapp type "u" and "r" or "y" as shortform for some words. Using them in your sentences reduces the quality of your content.

    Hope this helps. Keep it up with your contribution.

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    Hello Mahesh,

    Thanks for this information, I will walk like you suggested.
    I just starting a blog, so I m in learning process.

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    Points and earning are entirely different from each other. The points let you get member ranks assigned to you. The member levels unlock newer features for use with this website.

    As for the cash credits are concerned, it will solely be dependent on your quality of your contributions. Your Ask Experts questions/ answers, the articles posted by you on the site and other contributions fetch you cash credits. The accumulated cash credits make up your earning from the site.

    I would suggest you to improve your language skills before embarking on a earning spree. Even if you have great ideas, failure to present them in a proper language can cause you to lose out on the quality aspect.

    Good luck!

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thank you, Timmappa Kamat

    Today I know that I earn only 9 points,
    so from where other 50 points come in my dashboard.

    I think it is bonus points for registration and profile update,
    Give me other information you guys know more about it.


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    Please do not pay attention to the points gained. Continue working on the site and pay attention to the quality of your contribution. The points will keep going up as you keep working on the site.
    I would advice you to pay more attention to the Ask Experts section before trying out the other sections. Post your responses to the questions posted therein.

    Live....and Let Live!

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