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    I just submit my article on this blog, how to know it publish or not

    Also in article br tag added automatically in it,
    can anyone have an answer to this question?
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    Hi Nikunj,

    You have to choose category from the list of dropdown options. You can alternatively search for the category as well. You just have to select one category that is suitable for your title. You don't need to use any tags. And there is no option to do the same as well.

    Another point is on publishing. You have to select the radio button that says "Article is ready to publish". This button can be found by scrolling down. And once you select this option, the article needs to be saved. And after that it will go to the editorial review queue.

    I hope this helps.

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    Welcome to the site, Mr Vikas. You can submit an article by going to the articles tab on the page and then selecting "Submit article". You can compose your article as you would normally do.
    Please note that you are free to use appropriate HTML tags while composing the article. Once it is done, select " Article is ready to publish" button at the bottom. Your article is submitted.
    Now, the review of your article will take time depending upon the availability of editors. If your article is approved, you will get to know through your account dashboard and through email. In case your article needs any correction, it will be sent to the pending status indicating the corrections needed. You need to do the corrections suggested and resubmit the article.

    By the way, can you provide us the link to the article please?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks for your response here is a link to that article

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    Well, your article has already been published. You will need to wait till it is reviewed by the editors. If the article is approved or rejected, you will get the notification as mentioned in my earlier response.

    Request you to have patience till the time it gets reviewed.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    When you will visit the link, it will show that the article has not yet been reviewed by the editors. Once it gets approved, you will get an alert in Techulator profile as well.

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