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    Mobile Photography - Have you tried it?

    I am taking one online class for photography. The instructor says it doesn't matter which camera we are using as long as we have a better eye for the picture. So I am trying to apply this advice using mobile phone. I am learning how to take better pictures using the mobile. I am using Xiaomi's Mi phone so the quality of images is better. I am learning different modes and ISO speed to adjust for better images. Still there are lot of things to learn about photography.

    Mobile photography is very tricky because you can't have stable images like DSLR. You're likely to have few shakes here and there. Also your perspective and the light calculations are lot different.

    Have you tried mobile photography?
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    Yes Mahesh, we have been trying it now for quite a long time. It is coming out even better as and when we are upgrading our phones with better camera features. Few mobiles do have this anti-shake feature which is taking care of that hazards, though I myself do not own such a phone yet. The clarity and picture quality is getting better each time and a little bit of experiment is bringing out good results.
    Its a wonderful hobby. Hope you would do great in this. Keep trying.

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    My current phone doesn't have the anti-shake feature enabled. I guess I have to buy those expensive phones for this feature. Then again initially this may not be needed. Once I get comfortable with the focus and the perspective then investing into expensive gear is worth it. I have decided not to use any filtering apps at all. So mostly the images are raw but they have better perspective. Thanks a lot for encouragement. And good to see you back on the site.

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    Well, almost all my photographs these days are taken using the mobile phone itself. Since I have an advanced smartphone in the form of Galaxy S3, I do not have any issues with the images I shoot using it.
    Yes - I agree that you won't be able to get high-end photographs that are possible with DSLR cameras. But, I do not think today's smartphones are in any way inferior to what we get from DSLR cameras. You may need to learn a few tricks as far as the shots taken on a smartphone. Trial and error technique works better to improve your shots.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Samsung Galaxy S3 is a good phone. A bit harder to handle on the edges due to it's curve corner. But that aside, the phone is really good in terms of camera. Also the phone has real good features for camera. Though I find Xiaomi's camera more impressive considering it's low cost yet managed to maintain the quality. I only plan to take DSLR if I get comfortable with the images I am taking right now. Considering the ISO for phone can't be on higher points, like DSLR, someday upgrade is required.

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    For an amateur photographer, or for those shots while on a trip - a good smartphone camera will be more than enough. DSLRs will come into picture only when you need to have professional quality in your shots. A regular photographer who wants to shoot the day to day shots will not really need a DSLR.

    Yes - someone having a blog or website with the travel niche may need it.

    By the way, the images aI have shot on my Galaxy S3 have been accepted by the authority sites on photography. Also, I have submitted a few of them on Google maps ( I am a local guide level 3) on Google Maps, incidentally).

    Live....and Let Live!

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