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    What is your favourite pastime on your smartphone?

    We know very well that our smartphones have become our constant companions. They have completely replaced all the gadgets we used to carry in the past and have become an all in one unit.

    Of course, all of us use a smartphone to work. But, sure there are times when we get bored with all work and no play! Then again, it is the smartphone that comes to our rescue with those high-end games. However, apart from games, there are many other activities that you can do on a smartphone to kill time.
    So, Techians - share your favourite pastime on your smartphone apart from games.
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    I completely agree with you that nowadays people are considering smartphone as their favorite pass-time rather than sitting with their friends or playing any sport. But still we can't do anything regarding this issue because we are also on same lane.

    Recently, I purchased One Plus 2 which is capable of running High End games. Currently, I play Asphalt 8 and NFS No Limit because of their great graphics and awesome game play.

    Thank You

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

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    I mostly read and sometimes play brain teaser games. For example. I have installed some game apps that require me to remember words and other tricks. Scrabble is also good on this type of activity. You may however need internet connection if you wish to play with someone online.

    Another activity that I prefer to do is reading quora, wikipedia and similar other sites. I have found this website named "farnaam streeet". It is very good website and has more focus on cognitive learning. It has some of the good topics worth reading. Also TEDX videos on YouTube and some channels from Curiosity are worth visiting.

    Youtube can be really good source of both time-pass and time worth spent activity. There are some really nice channels out there. And the content can be worth taking a tab onto. I learned a lot of small things on YouTube which I was not aware.

    In short, I have allotted time for fun, learning and memory in random way. And so far it works out just fine.

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    I mostly use my phone 3-4 hours a day.
    In that main time, I check Adsense, Youtube Updates, some of my favorite channels on it, Social Updates and all

    Mostly I busy will my 8 hours of work, sitting on the desktop and I more comfortable with the desktop because I can do multiple things at the same time, that is not possible with the small mobile device.
    So, I don't use my phone as time-pass rather I use it for imported purpose.


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