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    Blogging on Indian Topics

    I was checking a lot of indian bloggers lately. I am just confused is there any money to be make in indian niche? i mean adsense doesn't have much output with indian blog posts or articles. Most of the clicks have value outside asian countries. And the price of the click is also high in those countries.

    However based on the number of views and the traffic these days blogger from india are getting. I wonder if the indian bloggers are making any good money with indian topics.

    I'd love to get in topics of indian finance, or indian health issues. But it seems not much click value exists for that.

    Any idea if the blogging with indian niche is profitable?
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    As far as my knowledge goes, there is a few niche which seems to be profitable. Some of them are Jobs and career. and technology.
    Jobs and career seem to be the best one when it comes to having higher profitability. Make sure you have some authority credentials.
    Banking and finance is another such niche that has a good growth future. India seems to have very few bloggers writing on it. If you have deeper understanding of the topic, you may consider starting a blog on it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I didn't checked jobs and career niche as of yet. I have to check those but based on most of the small blogs I managed. It seems the niche has potential but not many high paid clicks. I guess you are right about the authority website and the content. I contacted the author of financial blog but they said unless there is a content on credit cards there is not much value in clicks. So I am kind of confused whether to keep with education niche or finance niche.

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