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    Security Vulnerability

    Found serious security vulnerability in this site - is there any reward for confidentially releasing it?
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    I have reported it to the owner. He may contact you asap.
    Krishna Verma

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    Hmm. not sure what that issue is. But yes, I am sure Tony sir or any other editors will get in touch with you. It seems for last few days site is not active so not many editors around. They'll get in touch with you via private message.

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    I will discuss this offline with you.

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    Not sure what you mean by offline, i have received no messages or emails about this.

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    Still no contact from anyone.

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    Please wait. Tony sir will contact you soon. Share your contact details with him so that it can be done at the earliest.

    Thanks for the alert.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    He should have access to my details through the email i signed up with - or he could simply message me on this site. This vulnerability not only affects this site - but all of his other sites to my knowledge (

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    It has been 5 days and i have not received a single message or email from Tony or anyone else. He obviously either doesn't care, or has been so busy that he didn't have time to message me (despite having time to post on the thread).

    I am done waiting; from tommorow anyone who wants to buy this off me and know how it could be used to take control of accounts (and / or how to protect against it)
    Can email me here:

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