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    Storing Documents in Digital Format on Cloud?

    I recently scanned copies of my passport, 10th and 12th certificates and other documents. And now I am thinking of uploading them to some reliable source. I wanted to put them on Dropbox, google drive or similar other platform.

    However last month I noticed was shutdown due to lack of customers. So I just find it hard to trust the cloud websites. Any site can go down or out of business if it lacks funds.

    Most of the cloud websites also have issues of downtime or running out of business. I also checked if banks offer such services. ICICI seems to have one such vault system for storing the documents. However I am not sure how reliable banks are for long term planning on cloud business.

    Any idea if there are any good cloud services for longer term?
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    I would suggest you to opt for Google Drive. I save most of my digital documents to Drive itself. Coming from Google, I think it is most reliable cloud servicer. Even if it goes out of business in future, it will let you make alternative arrangements as far as your documents are concerned.
    That is what would be much helpful in case of those established names. Which reminds me of an experience with an online bookstore.I had a few books purchased on Flipkart Ebooks. The service was closed down a couple of months ago. However, before closing down, they gave the option to migrate my account ( and many of the members) to Kobo.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, I managed to save a lot of such files from other storage sites. I also asked this question on quora and most of the answers say I need to stick with brands such as Microsoft, Google and Apple. The reason being collapse of these brands will also affect small companies. So it's not easy for them to go out of business. They may close service but going out of business like is harder for them.

    I am going to do price comparison and payment option selection. I may then select on the basis of price and if it accepts debit card from paypal.

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    I personally use Google drive to store online documents. we have lots of opt to store online documents but Google drive is best option compare than other like

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