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    Topics of article and cash, how will I get ?

    How will I get topics of article and cash?
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    Welcome to India's most reliable revenue sharing website, Shweta. I would advice you to take a learning route first to understand how this site works.
    The best way to do that would be to begin with the forum section. You can post anything that has any relation to technology and within the ambit of the site. Then there is Ask Experts section wherein you can ask the technology related questions, or respond to the questions that are already asked. Kindly try to be on topic.
    As far as articles section is concerned, the topics need to be chosen by you. You can choose any topic that falls within the purview of the site. The articles so posted go into the approval state and the editors approve ( or reject) the articles and allot cash credits based on the quality and the word count of the article.

    Please note that you cannot copy paste any content from other sites - even if the source article belongs to you. You cannot copy paste any content from within the site as well. You are allowed to source your information from third party websites, but should prepare the article in your own words. Plagiarised content can result in a permanent ban.

    Good to see your enthusiasm for contributing to the site. Go through the posted content for a couple of days to have a clear understanding. and then embark on your onward journey.

    Good wishes for your success.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Dear Shweta sanghvi
    Welcome, First of all you need to start the journey of Techulator from forum section where you can ask anythings about technology as well as how to contribute on this site.

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    Hi Shweta, welcome to Techulator. You have to find relevant topics on your own to post articles here. You can check the categories available in the resource section. Another option is to go through the recently approved articles on the website. You will get an idea of what type of content is accepted here. So far as the cash credit is concerned, it depends on the quality of the article posted by you.

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